Teen Book Review: New Kid

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Teen Book Review: New Kid

Jason Johnson, 2020 MBSYEP employee, reviews this summer's DC Family Reads title

Review written by Jason Johnson, 2020 MBSYEP Employee

New Kid is a graphic novel by Jerry Craft that explores the life of Jordan Banks, a child of color enrolled in one of the best private schools in the state. However, this new school lacks one thing: diversity. Jordan is one of a few students of color at the new school alongside Drew and Maury. Besides being one of the few colored children there, he also has to manage his social life with friends from his former school, as well as learning to understand other people’s differences, whether they be cultural or just their personalities. That also includes getting good grades.

New Kid tackles issues like racism and diversity, as well as the troubles of traversing a new school. I highly enjoyed the story of New Kid. I chose this book because of recent events going on in the world. I feel it’s good to promote books that openly discuss topics such as racism and start a conversation, whether it’s with family or friends. From its witty humor to the serious moments where characters learn to stand up against unfairness towards others, this book can be enjoyed by young and old, along with the message it presents: we are all created equal, no matter where we come from.

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