The Intimidating Book Club: Don Quixote

West End Library

The Intimidating Book Club: Don Quixote

Intended for those who have always wanted to read that one classic novel of gargantuan proportions but never did (or didn't finish). This group will read a notoriously lengthy book widely considered a classic, section by section, and meet monthly for a one hour discussion.

Together, we'll get to the finish line. One word at a time.

Note: While the branch is currently closed for in-person discussions, we continue to meet virtually. Please email for additional details.

Series 3: Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

There is no preferred translation.

Please come to each meeting having read the following volumes:

Sept. 22: Author's Preface; Part 1: Chapters 1-28
Oct. 27:  Part 1: Chapters 29-52
Nov. 24: Part 2: Preface to the Reader, Chapters 1-24
Dec. 22: Part 2: Chapters 25-48
Jan. 26: Part 2: Chapters 49-79