Teen Movie Review: Captain America Civil War

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Teen Movie Review: Captain America Civil War

Thrilling moments that a Marvel fan at any stage can enjoy.

Review written by Jerell King, Teen Aide at Anacostia Library, MBSYEP Employee and member of the Teen Council since 2018.

With a nice blend of engaging superhero action, compelling storyline, colorful cast of clashing comic book heroes and humor sprinkled throughout,
Captain America: Civil War is a great installation into both the Captain America series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline.  As the movie starts, a divide within the Avengers has started to form.  A mission has not gone as planned, and lives have been lost because of it. The two leaders amongst the Avengers--Captain America and Iron-Man--have very different ideas on how the Avengers should handle things moving forward, particularly with the government now placing in effect the Hero Restriction Act.  Under this law, the activity of heroes like the Avengers is strictly limited unless absolutely necessary. While Iron-Man stands with this new law and believes that the government should handle things, Captain America is convinced that everything the Avengers are doing is just and that government interference would mess up these efforts. This and many more events divide Earth’s Mightiest Heroes into two factions, both adhering to different ideals, assembling their own teams, and ultimately clashing in a climactic battle for the name “Civil War.”

On Captain America’s side, there is Bucky the Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and surprise recruit Ant-Man. On Iron-Man’s side, there is War-Machine, Black Panther, Black Widow, Vision and new recruit Spider-Man, whom Tony took under his wing when he met him in Queens, New York. With both squads squaring off on the roof of an airport, they engage in one of the coolest superhero battles on the big screen. There are tons of high flying kicks, hard-hitting punches, and cool new abilities that show up in both very small and very large packages utilizing superb camera work to place an emphasis of the heroes’ powers, like when Ant-Man turned small and the camera tracked his movements while zooming into the details of Black Widow’s suit as he used his smaller stature to take her down. This all culminates with the epic standoff between Captain America and Iron-Man which eventually settles things between them once and for all. The addition of Spider-Man and Black Panther to the MCU makes the clash even more spectacular and contributes to these new heroes later having their own story arcs within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Whether you are a hardcore Marvel fan or someone just getting into the franchise, this movie delivers thrilling moments that a fan at any stage can enjoy. The power scenes are engaging, the plot’s twists and turns are enticing, and the build-up to later Marvel movies is sure to rope you into this cinematic comic-book universe. Although Civil War is a “Captain America” film, each character has a good amount of screen time, enabling viewers to really grasp the subplots of each character, even the new characters who are appearing in the MCU for the first time. This can be especially said for Spider-Man, whose rebooted appearance within the MCU sparked a newfound success for the web-slinger in this slightly different adaptation of a younger Peter Parker. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a good action film.

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