Teen Book Review: Zombie Baseball Beatdown

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Teen Book Review: Zombie Baseball Beatdown

Kortney Little, 2020 MBSYEP employee, highly recommends this zany read that touches on serious issues for younger readers

Review written by Kourtney Little, 2020 MBSYEP Employee

Paolo Bacigalupi’s Zombie Baseball Beatdown is about how best friends Rabi, Miguel and Joe find out the cows in their town are being fed a super growth supplement that turns them into undead creatures and contaminates the food. The story has humor but also talks about more serious issues like immigration, food safety and factory farms.

This book is great for children because there are no sexual topics or harmful language and also makes you think about serious topics after or while reading. It is important that this book is targeted towards kids because they need to know why the food they eat should be safe for them, along with the seriousness of immigration and how these innocent people are treated, especially now with innocent immigrant families being held by ICE in concentration camps separated from their family. The main characters of Zombie Baseball Beatdown are also great role models; they teach the reader about the importance of friendship and fight for social justice and the safety of the food everyone is eating. Also, the scenes where they fight the zombies aren’t too violent. The author, Paolo Bacigalupi tries to tone it down and keep it kid-friendly.

To add on, the immigration and food safety in this story connect to each other in a way. I say this because the company was trying to hide the fact that they were tampering with the cows causing infected meat, just like how in today’s current events, ICE and the president are trying to hide what they are doing to these innocent immigrant families who are being held in cages and how thousands of children have gone missing that were supposedly staying in the facility. They are also hiding how they treat these families behind the cages. I highly recommend this novel for entertainment and the important values it teaches readers.

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