Easy Reading: The American Founding

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Easy Reading: The American Founding

Looking for ways to get new and emerging readers interested in history and the founding of this country? Check out these easy readers--ranging from step one to step three--that introduce readers to facets of the American Revolution, the American presidency and some of the most well-known monuments in the country!

Eliza Hamilton: Founding Mother by Monica Kulling  (Step 3)
This engaging, beautifully illustrated biography introduces young readers to the life of Eliza Hamilton--long before she was the wife of Alexander Hamilton--and long afterwards. From her childhood playing outdoors and thinking about liberty to her support of her husband and her family to finally, her creation of an orphanage and the building of the Washington monument, this book traces her fascinating 97 years on earth. 

George Washington: The First President by Sarah Albee (Step 2)
This gripping biography of the United States’ first president frames its story around the notion of a man who was a great leader but did not always want to lead. From his youth to his time in the French and Indian War, to the fighting in the Revolution to the presidency, this book provides a splendid first introduction to someone all children will need to learn about. 

Ben Franklin Things Big by Sheila Keenan (Step 2)
This quick introduction to the biography of Founding Father and inventor Benjamin Franklin will get kids excited about learning. From his early days making candles and then reading by candlelight to his writing of the Declaration of Independence, this short book covers a lot of ground without skipping any major highlights. This is a great introduction to his story that will inspire further reading. 

Secrets of American History: Revolutionary War by Patricia Lakin (Step 3)
This paragraph-heavy, fascinating easy reader is perfect for readers nearly ready to transition to chapter books. Young readers interested in secrets, spying and history will love this unique take on the founding that focuses on the use of spies, secret codes, espionage tactics and invisible ink to help the patriots win the Revolution. 

Wonders of America: The Statue of Liberty by Marion Dane Bauer (Step 1)
This short, easy to comprehend tale of the Statue of Liberty introduces early readers to one of the most famous statues in the world. From the artist to the building of the structure to the unveiling in New York City, this book is a quick introduction that will inspire readers to learn more.  It’s got great vocabulary related to civics and art as well.