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Many Voices

Audiobooks with a full cast of narrators

When books are recorded as audiobooks they generally only have one narrator, occasionally two if there are two main characters, but some books lend themselves well to having many more narrators giving voice to the book's characters. These full cast productions that often also include music and sound effects can provide a rich immersive listening experience. Here are a few that the library has available.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff 
In the year 2575 BeiTech Industries attacks their rival corporation Wallace Ulyanov Consortium’s (illegal) mining operation on the ice-covered planet Kerenza IV. A group of survivors tries to flee to Jump Station Heimdall, which will allow them to get back to safety in the core planets. The three ships, including the damaged WUC warship Alexander run by the AI program AIDAN, are being pursued by the BeiTech warship Lincoln. However, as a plague breaks out on the ships the refugees find that they may have a closer enemy that will destroy them even before the Lincoln catches up to them. The story is told through interviews, radio transmissions, reports, emails, IM chats, journal entries, and more, and is performed by a full cast in the audiobook version. The series continues in Gemina and Obsidio with characters onboard Heimdall and survivors back on the planet as they continue to battle BeiTech.

Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid 
Find out the story of how the singer Daisy Jones and the band The Six came together to form the (fictional) band that defined rock ‘n’ roll in the late seventies. Written and performed as an oral history, the characters’ early careers, the formation of the band, and events all the way until their split in 1979 are covered.

Sleeping Giants by Sylain Neuvel
When she was a young girl Rose Franklin found a giant metal hand buried in the earth surrounded by glowing carvings. As an adult, Rose is a physicist leading a team trying to solve the mysteries of the metal hand even as more parts of what turns out to be a giant metal robot are found throughout the world. Rose and her team try to discover the origins and purpose of the metal giant and what it means for the future of mankind. The book uses interviews, transcripts, reports, emails, etc, performed by a full cast. The other books in the Themis Files series are Waking Gods and Only Human.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman 
Shadow Moon has just been released from prison. Instead of finally being able to go home to his wife, he is left alone as she died in a car crash just days earlier. On the way home Shadow meets and accepts a job from the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who claims to be a god, and is pulled into a strange new adventure as old gods battle new gods in a war for the soul of America. While there is a version of the audiobook with one narrator, the library has one with a full cast on Overdrive. The author’s The Graveyard Book also has a version with a full cast. 

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
In the first year of the Civil War President Lincoln lost his son Willie to illness. Willie was laid to rest in a crypt in a cemetery in Georgetown where the President goes back during the night to spend time with his son. Willie finds himself in a strange purgatory and over the course of a night interacts with ghosts of both the recently deceased and the long dead. The audiobook has a full cast of 166 people.

World War Z by Max Brooks
World War Z explores a zombie apocalypse in a unique way. The story is told in an interview format, with the premise being that Max Brooks is interviewing people a few years after the apocalypse and putting together a report about what happened. The stories come from all over the world and from all walks of life, covering the initial outbreak, the chaos in the beginning, and into how different groups adapted to a new way of living afterwards. There are two versions of the audiobook, the updated later edition being twice as long. The library has both the 2006 and 2013 versions on Overdrive and the 2006 on CD