Book Review: Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda

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Book Review: Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda

Liyah Tyner recommends this award-winning coming of age novel

Book review written by Liyah Tyner, teen volunteer. 

Simon vs The Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli surprised me. This was a book I had heard a lot about but I never thought about picking it up until now. The story tells the normal life of sixteen-year-old, Simon Spier who has a large secret. He’s gay and it’s a secret he hasn’t told a single person except for Blue. Blue is another gay teen in the closet and Simon’s pen-pal who he met through Tumblr; they communicate through emails. However, Simon has no idea who Blue is and it’s revealed that he’s helplessly in love with Blue. Simon and Blue continue to email each other just about every day, falling more in love with each other.

But one day Simon is approached by his school’s class clown, Martin. Martin blackmails him into helping him date one of Simon’s new friends, Abby, after finding Simon’s emails on a school computer after Simon forgets to sign out of his email account. If Simon refuses to help him then Martin will tell the entire school he is gay.

The story proceeds to tell a funny yet angsty story about Simon as he deals with lying to his friends, being in the closet, and being in his school’s theater club as he searches for Blue’s identity. This story reminds me of another one of my favorite books ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky as both give a true insight into what it’s like being a teenager and I found myself relating a lot to each teenager in this story. The way that they spoke and even the way they acted reminded me of myself and my friends. There were a lot of swear words in the story but I didn’t mind because that was how real teenagers talk!

Throughout the story, Simon experiences anxiety because he hates how much pressure he is under to come out. He thinks coming out shouldn’t be a big deal, it’s something he says that should be normalized. Eventually, after Martin is turned down by Abby he posts on the internet telling everyone that Simon Spier is gay. This crushes Simon’s spirit and everyone even his family finds out he’s gay and Blue stops talking to him because he’s scared of being outed too. This moment completely broke my heart. However, Albertalli makes up for it with the beautiful ending.

This book is most definitely a 10/10 rating! It gave me chills and every new conflict that Simon faced made me more intrigued by the story. The story even gave me a new favorite quote, “Why is straight the default?” This quote made me question why so many people of society are so close-minded, instead, people need to learn to love and accept each other. Each character was extremely likable and relatable. This story shows that no matter who a person is they should be accepted. Ultimately, I would definitely recommend this book to a friend.