Book Review: Kamisama Kiss

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Book Review: Kamisama Kiss

Jobe Jennings recommends this supernatural romance to new readers of manga

Written by teen volunteer, Jobe Jennings

Kamisama Kiss
is a manga (Japanese graphic novel) by Julietta Suzuki. The plot of the first volume of this series is that the main character, Nanami Momozono, incurs her father’s debts and is forced out of her home soon after. She’s granted ownership to a shrine by a strange man. The man tells Nanami that she would be the new master, and so she makes her way there and meets the youkai (monsters) that protect this shrine including Tomoe, the self-proclaimed master of the youkai. The rest of the volume works off of these events which all happen in just the first chapter. What follows is a rather cheesy, yet entertaining love story about a human and a monster.

This is something that I had read in my childhood, however re-reading it now was just as entertaining to me as it was all those years ago. This manga is rather dated in its jokes and can go through some very choice topics about the roles of men and women in society, however, those points are also turned over as the story continues. I personally felt a nostalgia that could only be seen through the likes of manga itself, and this is a very good choice if you are into anything romantic whether it be anime or Western television/novels. It’s a Beauty and the Beast story that can be relaxing to read comfortably at home. The story can be pretty cheesy and predictable as it is a romantic one, however, that didn’t stop me from having a good time with the characters themselves. The two leads are at odds with each other at first, until the end of the volume. It’s a predictable, but still exciting story. I always recommend this to newcomers to the anime/manga scene because it’s a great introduction to how this form of media works.