Historical Romance Protagonists with Interesting Careers

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Historical Romance Protagonists with Interesting Careers

More and more historical romances feature female characters with careers that we don’t normally think of women having before the 20th century. Yet women could be found in nearly every profession even if it was frowned upon or ignored by polite society. Check out some of these great stories with women who attain both fulfilling careers and love.

Duke of My Heart by Kelly Bowen
Ivory Moore has been an opera singer and a duchess but after being widowed she is the primary agent of Chegarre and Associates, a fix-it agency for members of the Ton who find themselves in scandalous circumstances. From redressing dead bodies to breaking people out of jail, there is little that Ivory hasn’t seen – and even less that she doesn’t know about the families of the upper echelon. When the Duke of Alderidge inserts himself into Ivory’s most recent case sparks fly. Can Ivory successfully finish her case and keep from falling for the Duke?

A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare
Minerva is a geologist who has made discoveries that would turn the geological field upside down. Except no one will listen to her findings because she’s a woman. Luckily, Minerva has the perfect plan – a viscount in need of money until his trust fund is released, Lord Payne, will present her findings for her after she pays to get them to Scotland and he will then get to keep the large monetary prize offered for the best discovery. What could possibly go wrong? 

Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover by Sarah Maclean 
By day, Georgiana is the scandalously ruined sister of a duke. By night, Chase is the founder of one of London’s most infamous gambling dens. Her double identity has never come close to being revealed. Until Duncan West becomes a little too fascinated by Georgiana. How far will she go to keep her underground life a secret? How far will he go to uncover all there is to know about the woman who fascinates him?

Scandal Takes the Stage by Eva Leigh 
As a playwright, Maggie is the best in London but the pressure is on to produce a sequel to her greatest hit to keep the theater financially sound. What Maggie has hidden is that she has a massive case of writer’s block – until she meets Cameron, a viscount with a reputation. Sparring with Cam begins to get Maggie’s creative juices flowing but will their passion and a trip to the country be enough to produce a brilliant play and save her theater – and will Maggie be able to walk away from Cam when the play is finished?

Third Sons a Charm by Shana Galen 
Lorraine is a Duke’s daughter who bucks her father’s wishes and society’s expectations by running an orphanage for boys in London and refuses to give in to the local heavyweight who wants to recruit her charges to a life of crime and her as his mistress. In an attempt to keep her safe, the Duke of Ridlington hires Ewan Mostyn, younger son and former soldier, as a bodyguard. Lorraine and Ewan engage in a battle of wills that could lead to them gaining a happy ever after – or utter ruin for both.