Time is of the Essence

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Time is of the Essence

Romances That Play With Time & Space

Who doesn’t love time travel, a second chance at first love, or a chance to see what life would be like if you’d have made a different choice? 

Time comes into focus in these five novels of romance, personal responsibility, and growth, and if you want to get lost in time and lost in love, these are the perfect books to pick up at your neighborhood branch or online. 

The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult
When Dawn Edelstein’s plane prepares for a crash landing, she sees her life literally flash before her eyes. But she’s not thinking of her husband waiting at home for her, she’s thinking of a man she hasn’t seen in over a decade, who she left behind in the deserts of Egypt.  When given the choice of where to go next, Dawn knows she must go to Wyatt, must go to Egypt, but at what cost to her marriage, and the life she knew? Her life unspools in two paths ahead of her as she revisits her love of Egyptology, her work as a death doula, and tries to find the way forward for her heart. 

Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Hannah Martin has a choice to make. In alternating chapters that explore alternating realities, she must decide: does she leave the bar that night with her best friend and her roommate, or does she leave with her old crush? In each chapter, Hannah lives out her choices and explores what her life would be like on each track. Different, so different, but Hannah’s found her soulmate...in both timelines. 

In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren
Groundhog's Day meets Christmas when Maelyn, living a life of romantic mistakes and career turmoil, gets the chance to make things right--again and again--as she spends her last holiday season in her favorite season and exploring the potential for love. But she’s stuck in a time loop, and she’s not sure how to get out, so she’s got to try something...even if it seems crazy. 

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver
Lydia’s life has been dark and dreary since the love of her life died, but when she finally gives herself a chance at the world again, she finds a chance she never thought she’d have again: a chance to relive her love story with Freddie, to have him back and have him now.  Her journey to her past is further complicated by the temptations of a future, another love story that could be just as great. 

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle
Dannie is a planner, and she lives her life as she plans it, so she doesn’t hesitate to accept the proposal of her boyfriend. But when she wakes up the next morning...she’s wearing the ring of a different man. Her life is totally different, but Dannie only gets one moment in that life--that moment five years in the future--before she wakes back up in her present reality.  How do you live the life you’ve planned when you’ve already seen how different it will be?