Meeting Masters

Meeting Masters

For Non-Native Speakers of English in the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Region

The DC Public Library’s Meeting Masters, a program for advanced non-native speakers of English, is designed to help you master the art of participating in and leading meetings.

Participants will use a handbook of 10 projects to improve their communication and leadership skills. By participating in our fun and supportive group, you'll become a better speaker and leader and gain confidence to succeed in whatever path you've chosen in life.
  • Deliver great presentations
  • Speak extemporaneously with ease
  • Easily lead teams and conduct meetings
  • Give and receive constructive evaluations
  • Be a better listener 
  • Make new friends
We speak to people every day. We say hello. We give advice. We express our opinion. We might even try to convince someone to do something. How well we communicate, determines the impression we make and how successful we are.

However, speaking to more than one or two people can make us nervous, especially in meetings. We might be afraid we'll make a mistake or bore the audience. These are normal concerns. We can overcome them by practicing.

In this program, we will learn by doing. We will learn to overcome stage fright, organize our ideas and even use visual aids. We’ll also learn to think on our feet and answer questions about current events and other topics.

As we speak, a team of people will listen to help us improve. One person will time us. Another person will pay attention to grammar. Yet another will listen for filler words. The last will evaluate our speech in a speech of their own!

Every meeting will be fun and dynamic with everyone getting a chance to participate.

Watch out world!

We’ll meet twice a month, the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month, starting January 12, 2021. We’ll meet virtually on Zoom from 6-8 p.m. for the duration of the program. Certificates for completion of the program at the basic, proficient and advanced levels will be awarded. We may even have some special prizes!

Sign up by requesting membership through our meeting group