Math for Kids

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Math for Kids

Math doesn't have to be boring! Move away from the tears and frustration with these books. Colorful illustrations, concise explanations written in kid-speak, and helpful diagrams will turn math into a fun and rewarding activity. All of the books included on this list are suitable for grade school-aged children (6-12 years). Be sure to check out DCPL's digital resources such as Khan Academy and Brainfuse HelpNow for extra homework help.

Amazing Visual Math by Dorling Kindersley Publishers, Inc.
Numerous math subjects are explained with visual elements like diagrams and illustrations, and also with manual elements like pop-ups. An excellent book to develop mathematical, visual, and manual skills.

Circles by David A. Adler, illustrated by Edward Miller
Adler, a former math teacher, explains the mathematical principles of circles in clear language. The colorful pictures are sure to delight any reader. The author has also written many other children’s books on math and science topics.

Comparing Fractions by Minta Berry

Everything you need to know about fractions is explained in simple language with helpful diagrams and pictures. Part of the My Path to Math series.

Do Not Open this Math Book by Danica McKellar, illustrated by Maranda Mayberry

Have learning math with actress Dania McKellar. Comics and diagrams help bridge the gap between school and homework.

Math Appeal by Greg Tang
Tackle problem solving math questions with four simple rules. Funny and colorful comic-style illustrations make this math book fun.

Math Dictionary by Judith de Klerk
Hundreds of math concepts are explained in plain language and illustrated with colorful and engaging pictures. Volume, fractions, and many other mathematical concepts are covered.

Max’s Math by Kate Banks

Max and his brothers set off for a road trip adventure…with math as their guide!

Sorting Through Spring by Lizann Flatt

Stunning illustrations show the mathematical elements of nature. Marvel at the patterns of the natural world, from the leaves on a tree to fish in a stream. Part of the Math in Nature series.

Weather Math by Katie Marisco
Have fun learning about the weather and stretch your math skills at the same time. This book covers temperatures, wind speed, and many more. Part of the Math Everywhere! series.

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Math! by Anne Rooney
Learn about what makes math important – or what life would be like without it! Part of the You Wouldn’t Want to series. Colorful comic-style illustrations move the story along.