Workplace Romance with a Killer Twist

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Workplace Romance with a Killer Twist

When the professional turns very personal, can these couples stay safe, catch the villains and make a relationship work? 

Hell or High Water by Julie Ann Walker
Leo, a former Navy SEAL, and Olivia, a CIA operative, must work together to find a container of chemical weapons lost in the ocean before an Al Qaeda splinter group gets them first. With Leo’s former SEAL team playing matchmaker as well as lending a hand in the search, will Leo and Olivia be able to keep things strictly professional or will they succumb to their attraction and shared history?

Shattered by Cynthia Eden
Criminal psychologist Dr. Sarah Jacobs is the daughter of a serial killer, one who was never caught. When in New Orleans for a case, she is attacked but dangerous local entrepreneur Jax Fontaine saves her life. Jax wants Sarah and her team to find out who he is and where he came from as his early childhood is a mystery. Can Sarah help Jax find his past while outrunning her own and keep her professional reputation intact? And is it her father who is trying to kill her or is it someone closer than she knows?

Kill Without Mercy by Alexandra Ivy
Rafe must clear out his grandfather’s house for sale but upon arriving in Newton finds himself drawn to Annie, the daughter of a serial killer whose crimes are being repeated on the anniversary of his killing spree. When it becomes clear that there is far more to both the old and new serial killer cases, Rafe’s friends from his newly created security agency arrive to back him and Annie up but will they be in time to stop the killer from targeting their own. This one has some slight paranormal elements involving visions of murder and unexplainable but accurate “gut instincts”. 

When You Dare by Lori Foster
Dare keeps the professional and the personal strictly separate. That is until he meets Molly. Molly is a romance author and the daughter of a powerful businessman but she doesn’t know why she was kidnapped or who paid to have her taken. Molly hires Dare to find her answers. But when the kidnapper turns to attempted murder and keeps getting closer, can Dare stay professional while he’s keeping Molly safe, when he realizes he really wants to keep her in his life? 

When Day Breaks by Maya Banks
Romantic suspense takes on Beauty and the Beast, model Eve is often considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Unfortunately, with a face and body plastered around the world, Eve has attracted a menacing stalker. Hiring the KGI to provide bodyguard service means that scarred and wounded Swanson must protect Eve even as her stalker seems to get closer every day. Swanson knows that a woman like Eve is out of his reach but does her stalker know that? Does Eve?

Wrong Number, Right Guy by Elle Casey
May Wexler receives a text that she mistakenly thinks is a coded message for help from her sister and she heads straight to the bar from the text. Only when she arrives, she finds no sister and a shoot out. Fortunately, the founder of Bourbon Street Boys security firm, Ozzie, is there and helps get May to safety. May thinks that’s the end of it until she finds herself on the receiving end of a stalker from the bar. Ozzie is more than willing to help keep May safe and even offer her a job but can these two stay safe, work together and not give in to their sizzling chemistry?