Favorite Neighborhood Spot: Fort Stevens

Teens D.C.

Favorite Neighborhood Spot: Fort Stevens

Tiara Crutchfield writes about a historical landmark practically in her backyard

D.C. is a pretty historical place. From the museums to just being the nation’s capital, D.C. has so many places that have so much history. Some historical places are right in the middle of the residential areas in D.C. One place that I found very interesting is Fort Stevens, which is literally up the street from my house! Fort Stevens was a very significant area during the civil war. Originally named Fort Massachusetts, it was a fort built to help defend union soldiers. It was later on named Fort Stevens after General Stevens was killed in the Battle of Chantilly in Virginia. In 1861, it had a perimeter of 168 and 10 canons. It is said that President Lincoln even rode out to the fort to observe attacks. Fort Stevens is located on the Seventh Street Turnpike. You can visit the site near Georgia avenue at 13th and Quackenbos street which is maintained by the National Park Service. Up the street from the site, 41 Union soldiers are buried at Battleground National Cemetery. If you are a visual learner or just love cool historical places, you should definitely visit!

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