Book Review: Snow & Rose

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Book Review: Snow & Rose

Destiny was enchanted by this literary retelling of the Snow White and Rose Red fairy tale

Review written by Destiny Hardy, teen volunteer. 

Snow & Rose
by Emily Winfield Martin is a rework of the German fairy tale “Snow-White and Rose-Red.” The story takes place in the woods where our main characters, Snow and Rose, live with their widowed mother in a small cottage. Snow and Rose are sisters however, they’re very distinctive people. Snow is outgoing, loud, moody and prefers being outdoors for an adventure; Rose, on the other hand, is soft-spoken, quiet, logical and prefers being indoors to read her books. They're different but complement each other, and they both love their mother very much. 

The story starts with the girls adjusting to their new lives after their father’s death -- no longer wealthy, they have to leave behind their luxuries so they can move into a cottage. As a way to adjust to their new life, and wanting to find out what happened to their father Snow and Rose decide to explore the woods where their father supposedly died. They have a lot of adventures: meeting new friends, learning about the woods, running away from bandits - the pair have a lot of fun, but most importantly they learn a lot about themselves and become more accepting of their reality. 

Snow & Rose is an intriguing tale about resilience and facing your fears; it's a captivating story I couldn’t put down. What I enjoyed the most about this book is the emphasis on friends and family; if Snow and Rose didn’t make any friends I guarantee they wouldn’t have survived their journey or accomplished their goals. Everyone sticks together and finds a way to make the best of a situation no matter how difficult it may seem. For example, Snow had a hard time living in the cottage because her father wasn’t there and she wasn’t accustomed to "housework," but that changes as the story progresses because she realizes she’s needed during those difficult times. I’d rate this book a 10/10.