Passion For Fashion: D.C.’s Unique Style 

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Passion For Fashion: D.C.’s Unique Style 

Fashion isn't just confined to LA and New York; Tiara writes about notable fashion brands created in D.C.

written by Tiara Crutchfield, Teen Council employee. 


(Image via Instagram; @solbiato) 

When people think of D.C. everyone thinks of politicians, museums, and monuments. Obviously, growing up here we see way more than that. We see the heart of the city. D.C. culture is full of wonderful music, food, slang, people, and fashion. When people think of fashionable places, they often think of New York or California, or Miami. Since people think of D.C. as such a place for politicians or lawmakers, of course, people wouldn’t think that people in D.C. would have a sense of style. I mean, politicians are all about suits and ties and briefcases. But, tourists don’t really see the heart of D.C. when they are here. Besides the historical portion of D.C., the heart of D.C. is the street culture. Like GoGo music that created a whole movement in our city these past few years, many D.C brands have created a distinctive style that D.C. can call their own. From older clothing brands from the 80s that are still going to up and coming brands that are generated to the youth. 

One older D.C. brand is Solbatio Sport. Solbatio Sport was founded in 1979 and is based in the shopping district of Georgetown. Solbatio Sport is famous for its innovative designs specifically, streetwear. Solbatio Sport puts their own taste on sport and streetwear. By the use of colors and unique designs, this brand stands out and has definitely influenced other clothing brands in D.C. 

(Image via instagram; @eatthebrand) 

Another wonderful D.C. brand is EAT. EAT was founded by Malik Jarrett. EAT is an acronym for “Elevate All The Time”. EAT specializes in shirts, accessories such as; hats, socks, keychains, and belts. EAT shirts have a unique and very distinctive style by placing the logo upside down on the shirts. Not only is the EAT brand a clothing line but it takes pride in philanthropy and giving back to the community. Established in 2017, EAT Cares Inc. was established to mentor youth as well as uplift the community.