December 16, 2020 Community Meeting Notes

December 16, 2020 Community Meeting Notes

In Attendance

Community members, DC Councilmember Charles Allen, staff from Quinn/Evans Architects, Whiting/Turner Construction, and DC Public Library staff. 

Opening Introduction and Slideshow

Welcome and introduction by Richard Reyes-Gavilan, Executive Director of DC Public Library.  Slideshow led by architects Chuck Wray and Jeff Hoover where they explained two preliminary design options for the library.

Questions and Comments

Will the original/historic entrance remain even if there is a new entrance on the south side of the building?

Yes, DC Public Library is planning for both the historic entrance and the universal entrance to be used.

As a physician and a mom, I am really glad to see the lactation rooms included in the plan. Thank you.

Bravo! The southwest entrance is brilliant.

Is there a concept for how you will achieve energy efficiency?

Southeast Library will be DC Public Library’s pilot LEED v4.1 project which means the design team will be working towards the highest benchmark out there including energy efficiency, natural light, ventilation as well as onsite renewable energy.


Are there any plans for outdoor library space?

DC Public Library is focused, along with the Department of General Services, (DGS) on making the Eastern Market Metro Plaza a combined open space for use by the surrounding community.


I would like to see DC Public Library ensure the southwest entrance does not impose hardship on the adjacent residential property.

Will the magnolia trees be removed?

Yes, the magnolias will have to be removed because of the impact of construction. The landscape plan has yet to be developed. In creating a plan  the team will be looking at the relationship of the building and lot to the surrounding community.  They will also consider the original landscape as well as the character of the Carnegie Library and the period in which it was constructed.

Will the construction have any impact on the Library’s neighbors?

Whiting/Turner is an experienced construction team from years of working on projects in historic communities. Whiting/Turner will develop a safety plan and a quality control plan specific to the Southeast Library project for working with the neighbors. Whiting/Turner will make a priority of notifying the surrounding neighbors and the community of any disruptions caused by the construction work.

As an immediate neighbor, I look forward to working with the construction team at the appropriate time.

Love the design - can’t wait till 2024!

Can you discuss the bathrooms and whether they will become, functionally, the bathrooms for the Eastern Market Metro Plaza?

DC Public Library does not know if there are plans for public restrooms on the Metro Plaza. If there are no other public facilities in the area, that could have a huge impact on the public’s use of the Southeast Library’s facilities. DC Public Library will follow-up with DGS regarding plans for public restrooms on the plaza.

What are the important characteristics of the berm that need to be maintained?

It’s important to maintain the relationship between the building and the street. The design cannot include anything that interferes with the continuity of that relationship.