Haiku Contest Winners

Tenley-Friendship Library

Haiku Contest Winners

More than 100 patrons submitted haiku during our Haiku Contest in April! Thanks to everyone who participated. When you next come to or walk by the branch, you'll see all of the entries plus the winners.

Because there were so many good ones, we chose more than one winner in each category, and here they are:

By Willa:
Books are a new world.
A path I would love to take.
Dive in to feel them.
By Elana:
I love the rainwings
They shoot venom and take naps
And they camouflage
By Anya:
a fragile blanket 
spring snowfall frozen midair
we gaze up, eager
By David:
With viral vengeance
The green withers, the sound dies
and still, blossoms bloom

By Kristen:
The bus was a bore
I thought, but now I long for
Window seat daydreams
By Caitlin:
Metro center crush,
Hot seats, stale air, warm bodies,
And yet, I miss it
By Linda:
Six feet apart--six!
It might as well be six miles.
Arms waiting to hug.