Salad Days

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Salad Days

A Collection of Cookbooks

Nothing says "summer meal" quite like a big salad. But don't you get bored of the same salad every time? This collection of cookbooks offers a picnic basket full of salad recipes for a range of palettes. Vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike can find a new favorite meal in these pages.

Asian Salads: 72 Inspired Recipes from Vietnam, China, Korea, Thailand and India by Maki Watanabe
Enjoy these 72 simple recipes for healthy, tasty salads that you can enjoy as side dishes or as main meals. With vegetarian and meat-inclusive recipes.
Lunchbox Salads by Naomi Twidgen and Anna Pinder
Up your lunchbox game with these simple and not-too-expensive recipes. Featuring lots of color photographs and common sense instructions for new and experienced cooks alike.

Mandy's Gourmet Salads: Recipes for Lettuce and Life by Mandy Wolfe, Rebecca Wolfe and Meredith Erickson
If you can't make it to Montréal to visit the real Mandy's, you can at least try the recipes from this cookbook. Salads like the Poutine Salad and the Legally Blonde Salad (with recipes for grain bowls and cookies) are sure to win over even the most stubborn vegetable haters.

Salad for Dinner: Complete Meals for All Seasons by Jeanne Thiel Kelley
Any day is a good day for salad. Kelley's book, complete with gorgeous photographs and a handy glossary, will help you turn every day into Salad Day.

Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists by Julia Sherman
Each recipe in Sherman's book draws inspiration from a notable artist and chef. Packed with photos, illustrations, and "best practices", this cookbook is based on a blog by the same name that looks for connections between food, art, and everyday life. (Also available as a library e-book through OverDrive or its app Libby.)

Saladish: A Crunchier, Grainier, Herbier, Heartier, Tastier Way with Vegetables by Ilene Rosen with Donna Gelb
With recipes for each season, pantry suggestions, and an explanation of the philosophy of salad, it's easy to see why Saladish won the James Beard Award in 2019 for Best Book in Vegetable-Focused Cooking. (Also available as a library e-book through OverDrive or its app Libby.)

Salad Party: Mix and Match to Make 3,375 Fresh Creations by Kristy Mucci
This spiral-bound cookbook serves up endless possibilities in the form of mix-and-match recipes. Choose a different dressing, base, and set of toppings every time you make a salad.