Diverse Cozy Mysteries

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Diverse Cozy Mysteries

Do you like cozy mysteries but are tired of the seemingly endless small town settings? Do you wish cozy mysteries had more diverse characters? You are in luck! Below are five cozy mysteries featuring a diverse cast of characters and settings ranging from small towns to big cities. 

Murder in G Major by Alexia Gordon - Gethesemane Brown is a fish out of water as an African American musician who moved to Ireland for a conductor position only to find herself out of a job as soon as she arrives. Instead Dr. Brown takes on a local school orchestra’s director position but before she can even settle in, she must confront a 25 year old murder which lands her in the crosshairs of a killer. Will Dr. Brown be able to stay safe, solve the murder, and lead the orchestra to glory?

Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett - Down on her luck actress Dayna Anderson witnesses a hit and run and decides to turn the traumatic experience into something positive. Unfortunately, her willingness to not only speak to the police but also snoop on her own leads her straight into the sights of a killer. Will this actress turned investigator get her final curtain call or will she solve the case and get to take a bow?

Mama Stalks the Past by Nora Deloach - Grace Covington, known to most as Candi, lives in a quintessential small town and finds herself mixed up in a murder when she unexpectedly inherits a piece of land from her neighbor, Hannah. Accused of stealing by the deceased’s son, Grace must find out why Hannah left Grace the land and who would kill for it before the killer comes after Grace. Luckily, Grace has her daughter, the book’s narrator, to help her investigate.  

Do or Die by Grace F. Edwards - Former NYPD officer turned social worker and investigator, Mali Anderson and her jazz musician father investigate the murder of a young jazz singer, Starr, in Harlem. The case twists and turns from Starr’s former pimp to a salesman to a group of prostitutes and more as Mali attempts to find the truth amidst the drama and chaos.  

Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate by Kyra Davis - Quirky mystery writer and amateur detective Sophie Katz finds herself in the middle of California politics when Melanie, an old friend, asks Sophie to find out if Melanie’s husband is having an affair. Unfortunately, before Sophie can begin the investigation, Eugene, the husband who happens to be a campaign manager, is murdered. Sophie must turn to her on again, off again PI boyfriend Anatoly for help in order to solve the murder.