Summer of Sci-Fi Book Display

West End Library

Summer of Sci-Fi Book Display

Last date: Thursday, July 29, 2021, 12 p.m. (see all dates)

Make this your Summer of Sci-Fi at the West End Neighborhood Library. Staff have selected a number of mind expanding titles for your exploration and enjoyment, Items on display now through Labor Day weekend:

SUMMER OF SCI-FI, by Brandon Minson
Fancy a Techno-horror thrill? 
Prefer a Techno-thriller chill?

Bewildered by the Multiverse? 
Might a Space Opera reveal the secrets of the universe?

Is Mundane Science Fiction (MSF) taming enough for you? 
Could Transhumanism be ambitious enough for your purview?

Would mankind survive in a Dystopian wasteland? 
Could we birth a Utopian promised land?

Wish you could Time Travel to solve a past mystery? 
Prefer Afro-futurism for lessons learned from black history?

If you have the vision, make the right decision; solidify your conviction, and venture into the world of Science Fiction!