How to Use Freegal

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How to Use Freegal

by Temitope Johnson

Freegal is a music streaming service offered by DC Public Library that gives library card holders access to unlimited music streaming and 3 downloads a week. 

How to login: (Website) 

  1. First go to Hover over DIGITAL and click on LISTEN under goDIGITAL. Scroll down to Freegal which should be the first result. Then click Visit. 



  1. A new tab will open that takes you to Freegal. In the top right corner, click Log in.  

Enter your library card and click Login in. 


  1. You now have access to Freegal! Freegal gives you access to unlimited song streaming, music videos, and audiobooks with an additional 3 song downloads a week. 


How to login: (App) 

  1. On the Appstore or the Google Play Store search “Freegal Music” and download it 

  1. Then open the app once downloaded and enter a DC Zip Code or just enter “DC” 

  1. Next select the “District of Columbia Public Library” option.  


  1. Lastly, enter your library card number. 


Now you’re ready to start using the Freegal App.  


Using Freegal: (Website) 

Once logged in, you will be on the home page. There, it shows playlists that other people made already, featured songs, featured albums, etc. To fully explore Freegal, you should click on Browse on the left side. That will take you to another page that shows many tabs on the top for you to navigate through Freegal.  



You can even use the search bar in the top right to find specific songs, artists, and more. Let’s say you want to find songs specifically from Kendrick Lamar. Simply enter Kendrick Lamar into the search and you will find songs, albums, music videos made by and featuring Kendrick Lamar. 




You will then be able to click on Kendrick Lamar under the Artists and see all of his songs on Freegal after clicking View all. To play a song, click on the play button on the song picture.  



Clicking any song or playlist will bring up a bar like this: 


This bar will let you control the volume, pause and play the song, skip and rewind through the song, repeat songs, and shuffle songs if you are listening to a playlist. The bar also tells you about the song in blue on the right and who made the song above the playback bar. 




Making a playlist: (Website) 

Click on My Music while logged in.  


Then click on Playlists and click on the “+” symbol to create a playlist. You can then give your playlist a name and a description if you want to. 


To add a song to that playlist, find your song and click on the “Add to a playlist or Create a New Playlist” button. (Next to the star).  



How to create a playlist (App) 

  1. Click on My Music on the bottom. 

  1. Then click on PLAYLISTS on the top. 

  1. Now click on the “+ Create a New Playlist” button. 

  1. Choose between  “My Download Playlists” or “My Streaming Playlist”. The “My Download Playlists” is made for your downloaded songs while the “My Streaming Playlist” is made for your streamed songs. 

  1. Lastly, enter the name of your playlist and a description if you want to. 


To add a song to your playlist, click the 3 dots next to any song and click “Add to a Streaming playlist.” 


How to Download Music (Website) 

Choose any song you would like to download and click the downward arrow.  



How to Download Music: (App) 

  1. Find any song, music video, or audiobook you would like to download.  

  1. Click on the 3 dots next to the song. 

  1. Click on “Download”. 

Remember, you are given 3 downloads per week. If you download something on the website version of Freegal, it won’t be downloaded on the app version and it still counts as a one of your downloads per week. 

All in all, Freegal is a good ad free music streaming service that gives listeners 3 downloads a week. Using the Freegal downloads can help you build a downloaded music collection. 

Additional Tips and Tricks: 

  • All explicit songs are labeled “(Explicit)” in red. Songs not labeled this will be censored. 

  • You can use the wishlist feature on a song, music video, or audiobook, so if you have no more downloads remaining in a week, you can check your wishlist later and download it. 

  • Songs with a red arrow in the front won’t be available for download. It is streamed only. 

  • If you have a Chromecast, you can cast music to your TV when playing a song.