How To: Marry a Billionaire

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How To: Marry a Billionaire

As the federal government continues to figure out a way that they will not run out of money, this is the perfect time to reflect on your own financial situation. Do you have enough money to pay your bills this month, this year, for the rest of your life? Well, a perfect way to make sure you do is to marry a billionaire. This blog post will be highlighting 7 different books that feature different types of billionaires. Use this as your guide to find your man (the books will be listed in order based on spice level)! 

Stranded with a Billionaire by Jessica Clare (Spice Level: 2/5)
This is the first book in a series where we follow a group of male billionaires as they discover love in unusual places. Logan, the billionaire, decides to take a break after dealing with a death in the family and a cheating girlfriend. During his vacation he ends up stranded on his island with an employee of his resort. After they initially meet Logan realizes that she doesn’t know he's rich and wants to act like a normal guy even for a little while. Bronte is happy to be stuck with the gorgeous Hotel manager and maybe have a fling with him during her vacation. After Bronte realizes that Logan isn’t just a normal Hotel manager but a billionaire she has to decide if her love for him is enough to bridge the gap between their worlds. This book reads like a contemporary romance where one of the characters happen to be a billionaire.

Filthy Rich by Dawn Ryder (Spice Level:2/5)
This is a stand alone novel where we follow a female reeling from a breakup with an abusive husband when she catches the eye of a very domineering Alpha man. Celeste doesn’t want to be involved with another rich man but she finds that she is slowly being drawn towards Narthan. Narthan is used to dominating situations in his life ever since leaving the reservation and striking gold with his best friend. He doesn’t do relationships because women tend to just want him for his money. So, the intense connection that he feels meeting Celeste again is something that he can’t decide whether he wants to address or avoid. This book reads like a contemporary romance that has the themes of BDSM, Alpha man, and trauma from an abusive relationship. 
Christmas Wish by Chiah Wilder (Spice Level: 3/5)
This is a book within a motorcycle series where we follow many couples from this biker club during the Christmas season. This Christmas season isn't like any other because there is a crazy Grinch on the loose that is breaking into people’s houses, breaking their decorations, and stealing their gifts. The Insurgents don’t get involved until the Grinch makes the mistake of breaking into one of their houses while their woman is inside with their child unprotected. Then they take it upon themselves to ensure the safety of their families, and community by taking the Grinch out. There are themes of violence, illegal activities, alpha males, and child kidnapping. 

Wolf at the Door by N.J. Walters (Spice Level: 3/5)
This is a book that follows a wolf pack that breaks away from their abusive pack that their parents are members of. Jacque, his brother, and the rest of the new pack were smart in preparing for the departure. They saved money, bought a lot of land and, since they’ve left they have lived quietly with their new pack. But, their previous Alpha doesn’t want to let them go; he is determined to bring them back to their rightful place or kill them all. Their lives continue to unravel when their pack is exposed to a human woman and to protect themselves they kidnap her to keep her quiet. Gwen is not able to stay quiet for long; some say it’s her journalistic instinct, or maybe it’s the fact that she is drawn to the alpha of this pack. There are themes of paranormal romance, alpha dominance, adult kidnapping, and billionaire shapeshifters. 

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder (Spice Level: 4/5)
This is the first book in a series where we follow our main female who is always down on her luck. Kyrie never has enough money to pay for her rent, never has money to eat and she is just trying to find a way to finish her degree and go to work. Suddenly she starts to receive huge checks of money worth 50,000 which she of course uses to pay off her debts. Little does she know that in a year her mysterious benefactor will require that she pay off that money by living in his penthouse with him. There are themes of BDSM, alpha male dominance, and death of a family member. 

Spellbound by Sylvia Day (Spice Level: 4/5)
This is a book that is broken up into three parts where we follow Victoria and Max as they play a game of cat and mouse for power. Victoria is a feline shapeshifter that is operating outside of the council because she blames them for partners death. Max is a powerful magician they send to try and dominate her and bring her back under the council’s control. In order for each to meet their goal they realize they have to expose the other’s weakness and make them fall in love. Eventually Max realizes he can dominate Victoria but she is not willing to easily submit and wear his collar; but ultimately their dominant and submissive instincts kick in. This novel has themes of paranormal romance, BDSM, alpha male dominance, magic, shape shifting, and a female Billionaire. 
How to Bang a Billionaire by Alexis Hall (Spice Level: 4/5)
This is the first book in a series where we follow two college age boys in their quest for love. Caspien is a domineering billionaire college student who has rules for everything. He has rules for how you can be in his life, how long you can be in his life, and what you can do while being in his life. Arden somehow catches his attention and causes havoc with Caspien’s carefully created rules outside of the bedroom but within the bedroom Arden is able to submit. This novel has themes of BDSM, is a M/M romance and, is a college romance.

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