How to Use Brainfuse Flashbulb

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How to Use Brainfuse Flashbulb

by Arianna Taylor

Brainfuse HelpNow is an online tutorial service that is free to use with your library card. In addition to live tutoring, this digital resource offers many great study tools, including Flashbulb. 2021 MBSYEP employee Arianna writes about how to utilize this feature for every day studying.

How to access and log in:

  1. First, type in your web browser,
  1. Then, scroll down until you see the heading Brainfuse Help Now.
  1. Click on “Visit”, and you will then be taken to a webpage that will allow you to enter your library card number.
  1. Once you have logged in, you will see the Brainfuse homepage with the headings, “Expert Help”, “Study” and “Collaborate”. Focusing on the column under Study, you will want to click the second study option, titled “FlashBulb”

Creating Your Own Flash Card Sets: 

  1. After clicking on “FlashBulb'', you will be taken to a page where you can create your own flashcard set. You can also explore FlashBulb’s library of flashcards created by other users. There are sets on subjects such as math, science, and geography. To start creating your own set of flashcards, click on the word “Create” within the blue banner.   

  1. After clicking “Create”, the next page will show your “Dashboard”, where you will find all of the FlashBulbs you have created. The picture below is an example of a dashboard with a few set flashcards created.  

  1. To start a new FlashBulb, click “Create new FlashBulb” in the top right corner. This will allow you to name your flashcard set, give it a description, and put it into a category, such as Geography, Psychology, or Math. Here is an example:

  1. Once you have named your new FlashBulb, given it a description, and given it a category, click on the tab next to “Settings”, called “Data”. The “Data” tab will allow you to enter the terms and definitions that you want to put into your FlashBulb. 

  1. Once you have typed all of the terms and definitions into your FlashBulb, click on the box that says “Save Changes”. A yellow bar should appear that says “Your changes have been saved”. 


Additional Tips:

-Brainfuse: FlashBulb is good if you have definitions or terms you want to memorize. 

-For example, say you’re given the assignment to memorize the countries and their capitals within the continents of Africa and Asia. 


-After creating your FlashBulb there are a lot of games and activities to help you study your FlashBulb. 

-There is matching, crosswords, word scrambles, and you can test yourself.


-Matching Game: 


-Quiz Example:


-Crossword Example: