Coffee and Conversation: Highlights

West End Library

Coffee and Conversation: Highlights

From Sept. 22 through Oct. 27, 2021, West End Library staff and patrons gathered together weekly each Wednesday at noon to enjoy a cup of coffee and partake in some friendly conversation.

The library's front sidewalk, with its thoughtfully designed concrete seats and lovely array of flora and foliage, served as the perfect setting for these early autumn gatherings.

Staff lead Bryan  N. and his co-lead Mimi N. served Blue Stone Lane coffee generously sponsored by the West End Library Friends.

As participants imbibed paper cups of hot brew, their time was further sweetened and enlivened by talking and listening to each other. Conversation topics ranged from good life advice and fashion trends, to the pros and cons of tattoos and must-see films. These weekly, one-hour long meetings served as an opportunity for patrons of the West End community to recharge and connect with their fellow compatriots in a relaxed, no-fuss setting.

An average of 12 participants attended each meeting.

As the weather cools, we hope to continue this wonderful program indoors. Please check back for updates.

Coffee and Conversation is a library-wide program that encourages library patrons from all walks of life in informal conversation focused on relevant and engaging topics discussed over a cup of coffee. Through this exchange of ideas, Coffee & Conversation promotes the library as a place to meet your neighbors and focuses on what people have in common rather than their differences. Please join us!​

--My Nguyen