Now Streaming: Indigenous Peoples around the World

Takoma Park Library

Now Streaming: Indigenous Peoples around the World

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, discover the stories of indigenous peoples around the world. Below are a selection of titles available on Kanopy. Watch these and many more with your library card!

"Kū Kanaka (Stand Tall)" (2017)
In this award winning documentary short, discover the story of Kalanu Young, who became a leader for native Hawaiians. When he was 15 years old, Young was left quadriplegic after diving into shallow water. A forgotten story from Hawaii's past gave him inspiration to work for change.

"Lost Worlds of South America" (2012)
Take a fascinating tour of the great empires of South America! Learn about the diverse empires and their contributions to history. Professor Edwin Barnhart is your guide for 24 episodes. The course booklet is included with the video course. This title is part of the "Great Courses" suite on Kanopy.

"Happy People: A Year in the Taiga" (2010)
Journey to the remote village of Bakhtia in the Siberian Taiga. A helicopter or boat are the only two ways to reach the village of 300 people. Follow one of the trappers for a year and see how much of life has remained unchanged. Directed and narrated by Werner Herzog. In English and Russian.

"Honey at the Top" (2015)
In Kenya, the Sengwer forest people fight to stay on their land despite intense pressure from their government and abroad.

"Who We Are: Brave New Clan" (2015)
Six young adults share their stories about being an Aboriginal in contemporary urban Australia and what their culture means to them.