Book Review: It

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Book Review: It

This classic horror novel is a book Mats suggests "not to read at night"

written by volunteer reviewer, Mats Andersson-Potterveld

It by Stephen King is a book you won’t want to read at night. Full of gore, suspense, and rich backstories, King’s masterpiece is not for the faint of heart. It also has an incredibly unique structure, with the story being told in two cohesive parts, one part in the past and the other in the present. King switches between these two storylines every so often, but they both follow the same characters, one is just 27 years in the future.

The book begins with two murders, each as gruesome as the other. And then King weaves in his incredible storytelling, giving us the backstory of each of the six main characters, and how they came together as a demon-killing team. This is pretty much what they do for the rest of the book, they hunt the demon through the streets of Derry, Maine, in both the past and the present. But they find out, to their horror, that the story of It might go back much, much further than just the murders in the last few years. As they try once and for all to kill the shapeshifting thing that lurks as a clown in the gutters, and lives as a giant bird in abandoned, open fields, their childhood bond grows ever stronger and they almost begin to forget about their new lives.

While the book can be slow at times (namely while the characters are being introduced), it is beautifully written and is full of fast-paced action sequences. And Stephen King, being the masterful author he is, uses some of these character-building scenes to truly give you a sense of why characters are a certain way. This leads to some of my favorite scenes in the book, where each character is experiencing their version of It, which is a creepy and very creative way to build suspense for the final showdown. While not as downright “scary” as someone might expect (although it does have its fair share of gore), It is a great horror book that you can’t go wrong with. I’d give it a 9/10.