Cookbooks: It's What's For Breakfast!

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Cookbooks: It's What's For Breakfast!

Recipe collections for the most important meal of the day

February is National Hot Breakfast month! And while I’m guilty of a just-coffee-for-breakfast most mornings, I am a huge fan of breakfast food -- in fact, rather than cake, we opted to do a waffle bar to celebrate our love of breakfast at my and my husband’s wedding. Delicious! Whether you’ve got a free morning here and there or find that working from home allows you a little more time for breakfast in the morning, you might be wondering what there is beyond bagels, eggs, and pancakes. In honor of the most important meal of the day, here are seven breakfast cookbooks you can checkout from the library. (And don’t forget -- breakfast for dinner is totally valid). So, strike up the griddle and let’s get cooking!

Sunny-Side Up: More Than 100 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes from the Essential Egg to the Perfect Pastry: A Cookbook by Waylynn Lucas
Award-winning pastry chef, Cake Wars judge, and Fonuts shop owner Waylynn Lucas brings a variety of breakfast options to her breakfast cookbook that welcomes readers in as if welcoming them into her home. Find recipes for everything from basic egg dishes to complex and intriguing pastries to boozy beverages perfect for the breakfast and brunch table. Cooks of various skill levels will find something delicious in these pages.

Breakfast: The Cookbook by Emily Elyse Miller
Chinese Pineapple Buns, Mexican Chilaquiles, Egyptian Ful Medames -- if you’re looking to take a trip around the world before you’ve even gotten dressed, Breakfast: The Cookbook has you covered. Described on her website as an “internationally renowned authority on breakfast,” author Emily Elyse Miller is truly a breakfast aficionado with walking breakfast tours and more based in New York City. Brief food profiles accompany succinct instructions for these global recipes.

Big Bad Breakfast: The Most Important Book of the Day by John Currence
With a background ranging from the Southern United States to years in Europe as a child, John Currence worked for a number of restaurants before starting City Grocery Restaurant Group and eventually earning a number of awards, including the Charleston Food and Wine Festival’s Iron Chef Challenge. In Big Bad Breakfast, Currence shares flavorful and substantial breakfasts for cooks of all stripes. With an emphasis on a Southern approach, these recipes bring readers to the table with stories of the folks who pass through Currence’s Big Bad Breakfast restaurant.

The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book: 80 Mouthwatering Plant-Based Recipes You’ll Want to Wake Up For by Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer, translated by Luisa Weiss
Contributing to a number of recipe blogs around the internet, couple Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer compile eighty vegan breakfast options for food lovers of all kinds. Find enticing recipes for tofu omelets, vegan parfaits, and more, all adhering to a vegan lifestyle while satisfying omnivores alike. The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Book has food described as fast, filling, fresh, and fun, just waiting for you to make and devour it.

Superfood Breakfasts: Quick and Simple, High-Nutrient Recipes to Kickstart Your Day by Kate Turner
Whether you’re looking to make something ahead or do it on the spot, you can find all sorts of energy-boosting breakfasts in Superfood Breakfasts. Food writer Kate Turner shares her favorite recipes packed with power and a focus on sustainability and health. Although the author lives a homegrown lifestyle, these recipes offer options for lovers of nuts, berries, and other protein- and vitamin-rich ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

Breakfast with Beatrice: 250 Recipes from Sweet Cream Waffles to Swedish Farmer’s Omelets by Beatrice Ojakangas
From the inventor of pizza rolls (yes, really) comes this impressive all-in-one volume with hundreds of breakfast recipes to keep you full and trying new things throughout the year. Breakfast with Beatrice has a breakfast for every occasion, from casual to formal, sweet to savory, and any other circumstances you could imagine. Throw together a custom smoothie, bake the perfect steaming loaf, or whip up an eggy casserole to start your day off just right with these recipes.

The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook: Easy, Balanced Recipes for Busy Mornings by Shayna Telesmanic
With a focus on children and families, Chef Shayna Telesmanic loves bringing food to the table. She starts with breakfast in The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook, helping readers to find meals to break their fast without feeling sluggish after a heavy plate. Recognizing the importance of convenience, Telesmanic also emphasizes what is quick and practical, labeling some recipes with an icon to indicate options that will help your morning start with an easy flow. Find delicious banana pancakes, yogurt beginnings, breakfast sandwiches, and more in this collection.