Booktalking "The Doughnut Fix" by Jessie Janowitz

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Booktalking "The Doughnut Fix" by Jessie Janowitz

Tristan is a man on a mission. When his folks move the family from the Big Apple to small town, Petersville, NY, he's afraid that he's going to die from boredom. There seems to be nothing to do in the town... until he glimpses a sign in the window of The General Store.

It says "We sell chocolate cream doughnuts."

Mmmmm... chocolate donuts.

Tristan surmises that Petersville may have one saving grace... until he finds out that the town does not in fact have the donuts. 

At this point, Tristan resolves to make bringing the chocolate cream donuts back to Petersville the project that his parents require him to complete prior to resuming school in January. In order to accomplish great this feat, many onerous tasks lay before him. First, he must secure the recipe. Then, he needs a business plan, suppliers, cost estimations, a marketing plan, a business license and more. So many things to do in such a short a time. Luckily, his new pal in town, Josh, and Tristan's father are willing to assist him. 

The boy is a foodie who is determined to bring delicious fried cakes back to the small place. He is very enthusiastic about creating perfect, scrumptious chocolate cream donuts. Once he has the ingredients and the recipe, he attempts several versions with his little sister, Zoe, as his willing taste-tester. At first, the donuts are good... but Tristan prefers cake donuts, so he alters the recipe by adding potato flour... and the result is simply divine! The aspiring chef can barely wait to start his business enterprise by selling his donut creations at a street stand and bringing back a bit of sweetness to Petersville, NY.

The Doughnut Fix by Jessie Janowitz, 2018

I loved this fun, engaging novel about entrepreneurs for kids.

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