Everybody Knows that Dragons are the Coolest

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Everybody Knows that Dragons are the Coolest

Dragon stories for young readers

I've always been fascinated by dragons. Depending on the story, they can be colorful, smart, and funny. As a brief return to childhood memories, I wanted to see what books are available about dragons now. Below are some picture books and easy readers I have found on the topic.  

Thomas and Percy and the Dragon illustrated by Richard Courtney
This book is about bravery, specifically Percy facing his fears. Percy is afraid of something he sees at night; it’s a dragon. This dragon is yellow and red. In the morning, Percy tells the other trains what he saw but no one believes him. When Percy sees the dragon chasing his friends, he boldly protects them.

Dragon to the Rescue by Victoria Kann
During a starry night, Pinkalicious and her friends notice a dragon in the sky during a sleepover. However, this dragon made of stars is not real enough so they imagine a pink dragon who enjoys campfires like them. Gertie the dragon likes having fun with Pinkalicious and her friends but does not like the scary stories they tell. The kids comfort and feed Gertie to make her feel better. This helps everyone enjoy the sleepover even more. (Also available as an ebook.)

A Friend for Dragon by Dav Pilkey
Dragon wants a friend but no one has time. Due to a misunderstanding, he encounters someone up for the task; it’s an apple. Dragon and the apple perform many activities together, including storytelling and joke sharing. During a visit to the doctor, something bad happens to the Apple causing Dragon to be alone again. This book has helpful lessons, including being a good listener, sharing,  and handling losing a friend. (Also available as an ebook.)

Dragon was Terrible by Kelly Dipucchio
Do you know someone who makes things difficult for others? Well, that’s what the dragon does in this book. He messes with the villagers’ food, chases the animals, and damages the landscape. Due to his behavior, the king orders his men to handle the dragon and make him accountable for his unruly behavior. However, they are not successful. Next, the king asks the citizens -- but they could not handle the dragon either. Well, that is, except one young boy. The smart young boy creates a tale about a heroic dragon. This story shifts the mean dragon into a calmer state.

The Storybook Knight by Helen Docherty and Thomas Docherty
Leo, the mouse, enjoys reading more than any other activity. This goes against his code as a knight because they are supposed to prefer engaging in battle. When Leo encounters others who want to fight him, he reads them a story instead. One of these foes is a dragon who rampages through the village. Leo confronts the dragon and threatens to throw a book about dragons in the trash. This causes the dragon to clean up the mess and become more friendly. Overall, the theme is that everyone loves a good book. (Also available as an ebook.)

Puff, the Magic Dragon by Peter Yarrow, Lenny Lipton, and Eric Puybaret
Everyone is fond of Puff because he was a kind dragon. He often interacts with a boy named Jackie Paper. As time progresses, the boy grows older and no longer visits. However, this comes to an end when Puff befriends someone new. 

King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently and Helen Oxenbury
Three friends -- Jack, Caspar, and Zack -- make a fort. They imagine battles against dragons and forest creatures. The boys' fun is interrupted by Zack and Caspar's parents taking them home for the day. Jack decide to defend the fort on his own, at least until bedtime.

The Knight and the Dragon by Tomie dePaola
Are there any books you have read that helped you learn or make something? That is what happens in this story. A knight and dragon read books about each other. This information is used to aid in their readiness for battle. They practice until they feel ready to duel. However, once the duel begins, the boy and the dragon realize they are unprepared and make many mistakes. Instead of continuing this fight, they choose to read books about working together. 

Gondra's Treasure by Linda Sue Park
The story is about the dragon, Gondra, who informs the reader about the various genes she gets from her parents. This includes fire and mist breathing, colorful scales, and wings. Her parents also teach her about their perspectives toward humans. Although the mother is from the land of gold, Gondra realizes she is an incredible value to her family.  

Pedro and the Dragon by Fran Manushkin
Three young friends named Pedro, Katie, and JoJo celebrate the Chinese New Year. They make fun masks and Katie even matches her outfit to the mask. Pedro has a mask that fits his personality, courageous and witty. Everything is going fine until Katie gets lost. It is up to Pedro and JoJo to find her.