Brainfuse Review: Comfort

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Brainfuse Review: Comfort

Comfort has a great experience using Brainfuse's "Flashbulb" feature

Comfort Nkop, high school library intern at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, reviews her experience using Brainfuse, DC Public Library's online tutoring resource.

The DC Library offers, Brainfuse, an interactive online learning resource. Brainfuse has a Flashbulb feature which is great for creating flashcards to study a topic or for using already made flashcard sets (which will save you time in making them). They even offer different types of games like crossword, unscramble, matching games, and more! In order to use this resource, you must have a library card. To access this Flashbulb feature, go to

I used the Flashbulb feature to study chemistry. I clicked on the chemistry Flashbulb folder and was given a list of different study sets to choose from. They also offer the option of creating your own study set. I chose an already made set for the topics that will be on an upcoming test. There was a timer that tracked how long I went through the whole set of cards. There was also a shuffle feature and piles to put correct and incorrect cards.

I enjoyed using Brainfuse and was actually surprised that I did not have to make my own flashcards to study the topic that I needed practice with. It saved me time and was really effective in testing my knowledge of different compound formulas. 

The site was overall easy to use and was not super difficult to navigate. On the main Brainfuse page, it shows all of the resources that they offer including the Flashbulb option. Once I clicked the Flashbulb feature, it took me straight to the options of the subjects that I could choose to study flashcards from. Then when I clicked "Science", I was shown all the different flashcard sets to choose from. In summary, getting the help that I needed was made easier since the website was easy to navigate.

I would say that this feature was helpful because it allowed me to gain more practice in what I am currently learning in school, which is great for when tests and exams start to roll around. It’s also just really helpful in allowing me to solidify the information that I have learned.

Overall, I recommend Brainfuse to students of all levels (elementary, middle, high school, college, etc.), as it will be very helpful in studying concepts and definitions with flashcards. Anyone who is learning something would benefit greatly from using Brainfuse as it is effective in making the learning process less stressful and more manageable. You can also take these flashcards with you anywhere you go, which is so helpful when you need something to do when you are on the go or not in a study area.