Brainfuse Review: Nicky

Teens D.C.

Brainfuse Review: Nicky

Nicky used Brainfuse to test his skills in science

Nicky Gionis, Teen Council employee at Tenley-Friendship Library, reviews his experience using Brainfuse, DC Public Library's online tutoring service.

Brainfuse is an online tutoring site designed to help students study for and understand schoolwork and writing. After entering your library card number, the site presents you with three categories: Expert Help, Study, and Collaborate. The "Expert Help" section provides you with live tutoring, writing assistance, language learning help, and numerous lessons about various topics. The "Study" section includes practice tests and courses, flashcard creators, and a program to help you find college majors. The "Collaborate" section allows for communication with other Brainfuse users through private study rooms and notes sharing.


I completed the science practice test in the "Study" section which covered the basic high school level sciences such as biology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy. As a 10th grader, I understood and recognized most of the questions from what I have studied in school. The test was fairly long with about 50 multiple choice questions and covered the basics of several scientific topics. Once the test was completed, it evaluated which questions I got wrong and assigned courses to complete based on the topics I struggled with.

Overall, I would say Brainfuse is a good site for studying topics you are struggling with. The practice tests do a good job of determining what you need to work on and there are many lessons and courses available to practice them. You will also get feedback pretty quickly from an actual person on what you can do to improve. Overall, I would recommend Brainfuse to anyone who needs a tutor or help improving on a skill or learning something new.