Starry Skies

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Starry Skies

April is Global Astronomy Month

Observe the night sky this spring and beyond! To celebrate Global Astronomy Month, here are a selection of titles about astronomy. You're sure to spot something of wonder in the skies. 

The Night Sky Month by Month by Will Gater, 2nd edition
Discover what you'll see in the night sky every month of the year!  You'll start with an overview of space and the stars, how to make the most of your observations, what equipment you should have, and more. The book has fantastic full color illustrations and detailed charts. An almanac and glossary follow the text.

Dark Skies by Valerie Stimac
This fantastic guidebook features incredible sites and experiences for seeing the night sky around the world. Categories include stargazing, dark places, meteor shows, eclipses, and more! If you prefer to stay local, you'll learn how to enjoy the night sky from home or a local observatory. You'll also get tips for the best time to visit and fascinating facts about each site. Full color photos accompany the text.

The Pocket Guide to the Night Sky of North America by Catherine Herbert Howell
Focused on North America, this pocket sized book is your guide to the night sky whether you're local or away on vacation. Sections include the moon, comets, meteors, deep space, and more. Further resources follow the text. The book has full color photos and fascinating key facts.

Astronomy for Dummies by Stephen P. Maran, 4th edition
What is astronomy? Is that a star or planet in the night sky? This book is your introduction to the fascinating field of astronomy! Learn about the solar system, the universe, the galaxy, and beyond. Full color illustrated plates, star maps, and glossary are included. Of interest, this book is written by an award winning, former NASA Goddard Space Flight Center director. Also available as a library ebook.

Star Talk by Neil deGrasse Tyson et al.
An informative and fun read about the universe and beyond! The book gathers popular questions that Neil deGrasse Tyson has received on his television show and podcast as well as his research over the years. Full color photos and graphics and quotes accompany the text.