Animania at Parklands-Turner!

Parklands-Turner Library

Animania at Parklands-Turner!

April ushered in the first gathering of the Parklands-Turner anime club, the Animaniacs! To celebrate, we have compiled three popular anime titles, that also have their own manga series as well. If you're new to the world of Japanese animation, have no fear! Anime is simply hand-written or computer-drawn animation that originates from Japan, and manga is the print, comic book style version of those stories. Read about these titles, and who knows, maybe you'll find a favorite of your own! 

Hunter x Hunter tells the story of Gon, Killua, and a gang of other characters with varying levels of supernatural and physical abilities. Each is competing in a renowned competition, the Hunter Exam, for the chance to be granted a Hunter's License and the opportunity for adventure. Every member is of course fighting with their own motivations for winning-- Gon, with the aim of one day meeting his long-lost father, and Killua. with the ultimate goal of shirking the weight of his family's expectations of him as a young assassin. Will the pair meet their goals? Or will the pressures of the Hunter Exam be too much for them to handle? 

My Hero Academia places the audience into a world where everyone is given a superpower, called a quirk, during puberty. Some quirks are cool and interesting, like fire hands and super strength, and others are more lackluster, like turning into a puddle when afraid or a frog tongue and abilities. Deku, however, made it through puberty without a single quirk-- this is very rare and very isolating, as you can imagine. Enter All Might, the most popular superhero, unbeatable and seemingly invincible. He agrees to train Deku for his entrance exam into the famed UA High School, the place to be for budding heroes and heroines. With every lesson the students of UA learn, they are faced with a myriad of challenges. Will they be able to overcome these trials to become the heroes they wish to be? 

Death Note is a pretty simple story. Imagine you're a straight-A student with little, if any, social life. Your dad is a police sheriff, and your mom passed when you were young. One day as you're strolling down the street, a notebook falls out of the sky and into your possession. Along with it, comes the ability to see and speak to Ryuk, the god of death. Through a series of events, you realize that whoever's name you write in the book will soon die by your specifications. If you want someone to get hit by a car at 5:45, write that down in the book. Eventually, the authorities recognize the pattern in the fatalities around town and enlist the help of L, a genius computer whiz and detective. Gradually driven crazy by the weight of the power he's been gifted, Light and L engage in a game of cat and mouse, with one ultimately coming out on top. 

Be sure to head in to Parklands-Turner Library to check out some of our awesome anime and manga collections, and join us for the next gathering of the Animaniacs, happening on May 14!