2022 West End Haiku Contest Winners

West End Library

2022 West End Haiku Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 West End Library Haiku Contest!  Over 50 library patrons submitted 61 haiku (31 JUV, 29 Adult, 1 Teen). The haiku judging panel was delighted that the submission pool was so strong this year. All participants demonstrated facility in the art of haiku writing and are commended for their excellence.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Children's Category

First place

Rain pitter patter.
Cold tears drip from the dark sky.
Kids bloom everywhere.

-- Nala (Ross)

Honorable mention

Koalas are gray.
Crunchy leaves are yummy yum.
Black nose, beady eyes.

-- GR1 (Ross)

Honorable Mention

Oh, cherry blossoms.
Please cherry blossoms so pink.
Don't get too too old.

-- Juliana (Ross)

Honorable mention
(High marks for originality and delight though slightly missing the mark meeting Haiku standards):

When pollen comes.
Eyes be puffy, hard to breathe.
Take the nebulizer to feel better.
-- Kwaku (Ross)

Teen Category

the icy white moon
it is very gray outside
pictures of the day
 - Natajun T.

Adult Category
First place

flowers start to bloom,
pollen filled air is my doom,
zyrtec sales will boom.

-- Mikail H.

Honorable mention

Noctilucent dusk
Sun slips away through slight cracks
but returns at dawn.

-- Sabrina M.

Honorable mention

Public spaces, ew
Thank you for sharing e-books
Someone coughed on me

-- Jessica

Honorable mention

My HOA fee
feudalism rebranded
sad homeownership

-- Susanna L.

Congratulations! Winning submissions, including the honorable mentions, will be on display at the West End Library between Monday, May 9 through Monday, May 31. Our thanks to all who participated and submitted such lovely, thoughtful haikus!
-- My Nguyen