Reliving Civil Rights History with Ambassador Andrew Young

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Reliving Civil Rights History with Ambassador Andrew Young

Ambassador Andrew Young

The Library often hosts dynamic discussions. When U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young, the last living member of Dr. King's core team of civil rights activists, speaks, the event moves becomes iconic. Last week, more than 125 people sat in the Martin Luther King Jr. Library's auditorium mesmerized by Ambassador Young's reflections and resilience.

Ambassador Young was vibrant and astute. Moderated by CNN National Correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, Young took attendees and Ernie Suggs, the author of the book "The Many Lives of Andrew Young," to the 1960s as he recalled situations of the trauma they endured and the triumphs they experienced during the height of the struggle for civil rights.

Attendees felt every blow when he described being beaten by members of the Ku Klux Klan who protested their peaceful walk in South Carolina and rejoiced in every success. Then, Young told a story about Dr. Robert L. Green, a man who was right there with him and Dr. King and in the audience.

A pastor, Mayor, Congressman, and Ambassador, Young never once questioned the assignment placed on his life. Instead, Ambassador Young reminded attendees that while he and others worked hard, they were also a group of men in their 30s who laughed and had good times as they made a tremendous impact and created freedoms that all of us benefit from today.

To watch the discussion, visit the Library's YouTube page.

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