Those Summer Nights!

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Those Summer Nights!

Reading seasonally can add an extra layer to the experience of engaging with a good book. The summertime is always ripe for the possibility of adventure, romance, and fun, drawing many authors to pick the season for the setting of their books. If you’re looking for the perfect summer read, whether you’re hanging out at the beach or trying to stay cool at home, this list has something for everyone who loves young adult novels.

One True Loves by Elise Bryant
A companion novel to Happily Ever Afters that can be read on its own, One True Loves follows Tessa’s best friend Lenore on a post-graduation Mediterranean cruise. Without a plan for what she will do when she gets on NYU’s campus in the fall, Lenore isn’t totally sure this vacation will be much of a break. Then she meets Alex Lee who needs a fake girlfriend and recruits Lenore for the task. But as the two travelers get to know the world, themselves, and each other better, they risk falling for real. Also available as an ebook.

The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo
Clara loves a good prank. Everyone around her? Not so much. And this time she’s gone too far. As punishment, Clara’s dad charges her with a summer of working the family Korean/Brazilian fusion food truck. And not only that, but she has to do it with her enemy, the uptight Rose. But as summer goes on and Clara and Rose find a common goal, maybe the summer won’t be a total loss. Especially with the cute traveling barista, Hamlet, on Clara’s radar. Also available as an ebook.

A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow by Laura Taylor Namey
After her beloved grandmother passes away, Lila is having trouble finding anything to live for herself. With her parents deeply concerned, Lila is sent off to spend the summer with friends of the family in England. Despite everything England has to offer, Lila is miserable. But then, while working at a bed and breakfast, Lila meets Orion. Soon, Lila is traveling all over with the boy from the teashop and suddenly, the end of summer is coming all too soon. Also available as an ebook and an eaudiobook.

Camp by L. C. Rosen
At Camp Outland, LGBTQIA teens can be their full selves. Unless they cook up elaborate dating schemes. Randall has been crushing on Hudson for a while and this year, he’s determined to catch Hudson’s attention. Unfortunately, Randall isn’t exactly Hudson’s type. So with a plan to turn himself into Hudson’s type, Randall becomes “Del.” But is it a true summer love if Randall isn’t behind his true self? Also available as an ebook.

99 Days by Katie Cotugno
Back in her hometown for the summer, Molly is just trying to survive the ninety-nine days that make it up. After all, last time she spent time there, she cheated on her boyfriend with his brother and then her mom wrote a book about it. Now she’s back and the boys’ sister is egging Molly’s house and leaving nasty notes on her car. But then Gabe comes around and before Molly knows it, Patrick is back in her orbit, too. Only she doesn’t know if he’d ever forgive her. Also available as an ebook.

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
Emily’s never been the go-getter type. That’s why when Sloane showed up, everything changed. But just as quickly as Sloane came, she’s gone again, leaving Emily with just a note in the form of a to-do list. Without Sloane, Emily isn’t sure she’s bold enough to complete the list. Apple picking at night is one thing, but kissing a stranger? No way. But at least there’s Frank, who can help some while Emily holds onto hope that completing the list will bring Sloane back. Also available as an ebook.

Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things by Jacqueline Firkins
Edie’s not all that interested in spending the summer in wealthy Mansfield, Massachusetts. After her mother’s death, all she wants is to focus on getting into a good college and moving forward. But in Mansfield, she reunites with her childhood friend, Sebastian, and meets the smooth and irresistible Henry. With an already-broken heart over the loss of her mother, Edie isn’t sure her heart can take anymore and there’s no telling which boy is the safe bet. But there’s no chance she can stay away from both of them. Also available as an ebook.

The Last Summer of the Garrett Girls by Jessica Spotswood
Four sisters, one last summer together. After their parents’ death, Des, Vi, Bea, and Kat are left only with each other and their grandmother. But that’s about to change with Bea about to leave for college. So with one last summer together, the Garrett girls are off to great things, both by each other’s sides and alone. Kat’s going to star in a play and maybe engage in some fictional romance. Bea is reevaluating her choices and whether she still wants what she did when she was thirteen. Vi is eyeing the girl next door, who’s taken. And Des is facing the reality of running the family bookstore and playing mother to her younger siblings. It won’t be a summer to forget. Author Jessica Spotswood also works at DC Public Library. Also available as an ebook.

This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
A traditional visit to Awago Beach brings Rose and Windy together once again, but things will never quite be the same as they face the cusp of adulthood amid life changes both for themselves and the people around them. Rose’s family is on the verge of breaking apart and what’s going on on the beach isn’t exactly soothing entertainment. A heartfelt graphic novel, this story features a rich purple palette reminiscent of late summer nights and pain of growing. Also available as an ebook.

10 Things I Hate about Pinky by Sandhya Menon
With a heart in social justice, Pinky is looking forward to a summer of making a difference. Until Samir, desperate for a summer internship in the legal field, steps into her plans. Though strictly former enemies, Pinky offers up her parents as a resource, leading Samir to make plans to spend the summer with Pinky and her family on Cape Cod. But as the two get to know each other, they shift from enemies to friends to maybe something more. Also available as an ebook and an eaudiobook.