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Pat's Picks

"Horns" by Joe Hill

HornsIf you, like many of us, enjoy dark horror and fantasy, you are in for a real treat.  Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) is gaining on his father’s reputation as a premier writer in the horror/fantasy genre. Proof is in his latest book Horns, his second after Heart-Shaped Box.

Hill describes his main character, Ignatius Perrish (known as "Ig"), as waking up after a night of drunken debauchery having grown a set of horns.  He is suspected by the townspeople and his own family of the rape and murder of his high school sweetheart, Merrin Williams. 

To add to his woes, he is not sure what hideous acts he committed the previous drunken evening but has the sense that he has done something terrible.  Using his new “powers,” courtesy of his growing set of horns, Ig begins to wreak vengeance, uncovering the truth about Merrin’s murder and revealing deep secrets about the people that surround him.  He shows us the darker side of human nature and the lighter side of what it means to forgive and care.  Joe Hill has created a devilish character that you may start out hating but learn to love.