7 Books Like Emily Henry's "Book Lovers"

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7 Books Like Emily Henry's "Book Lovers"

It’s no surprise that book lovers -- especially those who enjoy romance -- love books about the literary world. Tapping into this phenomenon, Emily Henry, author of the popular and also-literary People We Meet on Vacation, has found another hit with Book Lovers about a vacationing literary agent who finds herself in the constant presence of a moody editor for whom she already has a sour taste.  Things might be different, if they only give each other a chance. Book Lovers is by no means the first bookish romance on the market, so whether you’ve read it, loved it, and want more, or are waiting for your copy to be available, check out one of these literary love stories.

Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson
A nobody at Pennington Publishing, Savannah has dreams beyond her day job. When she finds a secret room at her office, she uses it to pursue that dream -- writing romance novels. After leaving her novel-in-progress in the room she’s dubbed the Book Nook and returning to it one afternoon, however, she finds someone else has discovered the space and her manuscript. Now, it’s got notes in the margins. A little taken aback by the critique to begin with, Savannah soon warms to it -- and the anonymous editor, whose identity she tries to deduce as the pages turn. Also available as an ebook.

By Any Other Name by Lauren Kate
Lanie may be a romance editor, but when it comes to real-life love, she is by no means an expert. Even so, her fiancé is nearly perfect on paper. But then she’s thrust into the company of Noa Callaway, a man whose work and story have always inspired her. All she has to do is cure his writer’s block! Noa, however, is something of a secret, and for Lanie to be successful and earn a promotion, she’ll first have to confront the earth-shattering reason why Noa is so unknown even to those who work with him. Also available as an ebook.

Book Boyfriend by Kris Ripper
PK loves writing, but edits as an assistant in New York City to pay the bills. And PK loves Art, but he keeps Art at a friendly distance, lest he risk their whole relationship. But after PK and his partner break up, he’s left with no choice but to move in with Art. And it may be the perfect opportunity to try a more-than-friends approach -- until Art laughs off the idea, leaving PK to keep his dreams to paper where he imagines himself as the perfect boyfriend. Soon, everyone loves PK -- even Art -- at least the fictional version of him. The only problem is, no one knows the truth and PK has to come up with one final plan to win Art over. Also available as an ebook.

Booked on a Feeling by Jayci Lee
Lizzy Chung has just about achieved everything she set out to from making it through law school to become a lawyer, getting hired, and now she’s about to make partner. But then just as everything is about to fall into place, Lizzy has a panic attack and everything falls apart instead. Figuring it’s time for some R&R, Lizzy heads back to her hometown where she grew up with her childhood best friend, Jack Park. Jack is surprised to see Lizzy back in the area, but he’s more than happy to enjoy her company, nursing a crush that has lasted as long as he can remember. But what would a hotshot lawyer like Lizzy want with an average bookseller? Jack might just be about to find out.

Much Ado about You by Samantha Young
Not everyone wants to spend their much-needed vacation working, but for Evangaline, a temporary job at Much Ado about Books with just a staircase for a commute is irresistible. So she heads off to a small town in England and leaves Chicago behind. But England has more to offer than just history and books -- if this wasn’t just a vacation fling, Evangaline might think there could be a future with the sexy local farmer, Roane. A little romance abroad can’t hurt, can it? Also available as an ebook and as an eaudiobook.

Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters
Working for a film agency isn’t all sunshine and daisies. Evie would know. Most recently tasked with getting cocky Ezra Chester on track to finish the script he’s promised, she makes a bet with the writer: he will finish the script if she can prove that life can imitate art when it comes to falling in love. Now, Evie is on a mission to recreate the perfect meet cute -- but before long, she may just learn that love can be found in the most unexpected places and, even more, that truth is both stranger and better than fiction. Also available as an ebook.

Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson
Nora thought she was well on her way to making her dreams come true when she accepted a position at Parsons Press as an editorial assistant. But five years later it seems her career has stalled and the dream is dead. When Parsons announces major cuts to the budget that will ruin Nora’s life completely, she puts a plan in motion: She starts working for a competitor and poaching authors from Parsons. Before long, she’s working on one of the publisher’s most-valuable and luring him over to her second employer. After all, everyone loves his work. As risky as it is, things get even riskier when Nora finds herself falling for author Andrew Santos himself. Also available as an ebook.