Hot sizzling beach reads

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Hot sizzling beach reads

Let’s look at some hot sizzling beachy romances for summer. All of these books take place on a vacation. They also have some great romance and lovable characters. Let the shenanigans begin. 

Beach Read by Emily Henry 
January writes romance novels and Augustus writes literacy novels where everyone dies at the end they are professional rivals. They also know each other in college. While suffering writer's block January decides to rent a beach cottage on lake Michigan to get away for a while, She then discovers that Augustus is also suffering writer's block and is staying next store. To get over their writer's block they decide to challenge each other to write their respective book genres. Will January and Augustus be able to finish their books? 

Float Plan by Trish Doller 
Anna is running away from her previous life because her fiancé has died. To deal with the grief she embarks on a long sea voyage to the Caribbean on her sailboat. During a bad storm, she realizes trying to sail in  a sailboat alone is a really bad idea so she hires a professional sailor Keene. Will Anna and Keene get a second chance at love?

Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveras
Sarah is going on vacation in the Florida Keys with her family . Sarah's unreliable boyfriend does not show up for the vacation and Sara needs a fake vacation date. That fake boyfriend's name is Luis who is a firefighter who has been living in the key west for generations. He has been put on medical leave after trauma from an accident. How will their vacation go? 

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey
Piper is a Hollywood girl from a wealthy family who likes to party. One day she parties a little too hard and ends up both in jail and on the front page of the news. To save his family's reputations her father sends her away to the Washington Seaside town of Westport to learn reasonability. There she meets fisherman Brandon who she keeps running into everywhere she goes. Even though she doe most definitely does not like him at all. Brandon is a widow and is attracted to Piper from the beginning. But he does not think a socialite who is cut off from her money will last in a small town in Washington. Will Piper be able to last and prove everybody wrong? 

One night on the island by Josie Silver 
Cleo Wilder is spending her 30th birthday alone on a remote Irish island. Mack Sullivan is an American from Boston who is going to Ireland to soul search and get in touch with his Irish roots. Somehow they managed to book the same room in Ireland and there is a week until the ferry. How will Cleo and Mack share a house? 

The Reef by Nora Roberts 
Tate and her family dive for treasure in lost shipwrecks. They are looking for the famous Angelique’s Curse amulet that was lost in a shipwrecked. To do that they team up with professional treasure hunters Matthew and Buck who also want to find the necklace. Tate and Matthew develop an attraction for each other. But other people more ruthless people want to find the amulet as well and will do anything to get it. Will Tate and Matthew be able to find the amulet?

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren 
Olive Torres is the maid of honor for her sister Ami's wedding which forces her to spend time with her sworn enemy Ethan Thomas who is the best man. Well, disaster happens and everyone at the wedding gets food poisoning to expect Ethan and Olive. This leads Ami to beg Ethan and Olive to go on her all-expenses-paid honeymoon to Hawaii because if someone does not go they will have to pay for it. Olive and Ethan also have to pretend to be newlyweds What will Olive and Ethan do on their fake honeymoon pretending to be newlyweds? 

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella 
Lottie goes into a romantic dinner thinking her boyfriend is going to propose to her. Instead, he just wants to go on a trip. Feeling bad Lottie and her friend Ben who have a pact to get married if neither of them was married at 30 decided to go to a Greek island and get married. Certain that Lottie and Ben are ruining their lives Lottie's sister Fliss and Ben's friend Lucan rush to the Greek islands as well to stop them. How will Lottie  and Ben impulsive marriage go?