Interesting Stories Involving Canada

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Interesting Stories Involving Canada

As a fan of music duo, Tegan and Sara, I was eager to read their book titled High School. Hearing their story inspired me to read other stories about Canada and some of its citizens. 

These books are available on the DC Public Library website, and Ghost Forest and Membering are also available on eBook via OverDrive and its app Libby. Also, High School/Tegan and Sara is available as an eBook and eAudiobook.

Ghost Forest: A Novel by Pik-Shuen Fung
The main character moves to Canada from China with her parents and grandparents. Not only does she deal with difficulties tied to the move, such as racism, but she encounters unpleasant experiences prompted by her father. These unfortunate occurrences cause physical problems to manifest. The protagonist explores the dichotomies of the males in her life when comparing her father and grandfather. While growing up, the protagonist travels between Canada and Hong Kong. The length of information varies on each page, with some displaying multiple paragraphs to a few words scattered on the page.

Our Super Canadian Adventure by Sara Graley
This nonfiction graphic novel is about a couple, Sarah and Stef, who travel to Canada. Stef describes different details about Canada to Sarah, such as Poutine and loonies. While in Canada, the couple experiences fun and slightly rough times. The downsides affect Sarah more, some of which include extreme weather, getting used to the time difference, and the existence of gravy spiders. To aid the story, the authors have actual pictures of the trip.

Membering by Austin Clarke
Throughout this memoir, the author compares life in Barbados and Canada. Clarke details experiences as a Scout and the impact of colonization on Barbadian culture. While in Canada, Clarke experienced racism in the 1960s. Clark joined the Canadian Anti-Apartheid Committee, a group that held demonstrations and boycotts of South African products. An interesting chapter of the book is titled “Yale,” and in it, the author thoroughly describes teaching at the university. Clarke identifies the perspective of Black students and professors while in a space dominated by another ethnicity.

High School/Tegan and Sara by Tegan and Sara Quin
The Quin twins take turns describing living in Canada. Each chapter title lets the reader know from which perspective the story is derived. They mention the difficulties of sharing friends, trying to become individuals, and the awkwardness of romantic relationships. Tegan and Sara are well-known musicians today, and here readers get to discover the band's origin. Also, the authors describe their musical influences and how these influences help them manage negative situations or unwanted emotions. For example, The Smashing Pumpkins were very important to Sara.

Guestbook: Ghost Stories by Leanne Shapton
This book is not like one I have ever read before. It includes multiple stories with dark themes. Often, death and ghosts are mentioned when disclosing the history of the various people mentioned. The photos displayed in the book are hauntingly captivating. Sometimes there are passages explaining the tale, while other times, captions are used to provide a background on the pictures. My favorite part of the book was about the different vintage dresses and their designers. The eeriest story was about a tennis player named Billy Byron. Thus, if you appreciate peculiar stories, this book is for you.