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Movie vs. Book

Providing books that are similar to current popular movies!

The old conversation over whether movies are better than books feels older than time -- and yes I’m definitely #teambook! So for this list I thought it might be helpful to provide book recommendations based on popular movies that are currently in the theater. I hope that you enjoy this list and find a new book to read during the remainder of your summer holiday!

Mile High with a Vampire by Lynsay Sands
In the movie Top Gun: Maverick we follow Maverick as he comes back after 30 years to help current members of the United States Air Force complete a mission. He is forced to face horrors of his past while completing a dangerous mission that only he can complete. In Mile High with a Vampire we follow a world where Vampires and Humans live together harmoniously. But when a helicopter goes down, Quinn realizes that she has to protect their human pilot because otherwise the other immortals may suck all his blood out.

Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters by Emily Roberson
In the movie Jurassic World: Dominion we follow a world where dinosaurs now live with humans all over the world. This is a fragile balance that works -- until it breaks. In Lifestyles of Gods and Monsters we follow a retelling of a Greek myth of the Minotaur through reality TV. To beat the show is to get glory; otherwise you get death. In ten seasons nobody has won, so when Theseus asks Ariadne to help him win Ariadne has to decide whether her attraction to Theseus is more important than her family's entertainment dynasty. 

String City by Graham Edwards
In the movie Thor: Love and Thunder we follow Thor who is seeking inner peace during his retirement when Gorr the God Butcher interrupts that journey. He has to ask the help of old friends and his ex-girlfriend to help stop Gorr from killing all the gods. In String City, we follow a string walker in a city made up of string who has to jump between realities to help save the world after investigating a heist goes wrong.

Tell the Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt
In the movie Where the Crawdads Sing (based on the book of the same name) we follow Kya, a girl who was abandoned in the North Carolina marshes. She sticks to herself until she is drawn to two men in town, but when one shows up dead she is the primary suspect. Tell The Wolves I’m Home follows a girl who has always found a safe haven in her uncle. He is the only person who understands her, so he becomes her godfather, best friend, and confidant. But, when he mysteriously dies she begins to learn that there is more to her life and her family. Trigger Warning: Death, AIDS.

The Meet-Cute Project by Rhiannon Richardson
In the movie Minions: The Rise of Gru we follow the latest adventure of Gru and how he became the villain when he grows up. This is a funny, carefree, family-oriented movie that brings together people of all ages. In The Meet-Cute Project we follow a high school senior who doesn’t like romcoms. She thinks they’re stupid and people should instead focus on the fact that her sister is a Bridezilla. So when she realizes that she has to bring a date to her sister's wedding her friends decide they can help. She just needs the perfect Meet Cute with a special someone. 

A Very Nice Girl by Imogen Crimp
In the movie Elvis we follow the career of a rock and roll legend. Regardless of when you were born, the influence that Elvis has had on the music industry has been felt by anybody who has listened to music. In the book A Very Nice Girl we follow an interesting debut novel about an opera singer who is just starting out but has to juggle her career with an all consuming affair with an older man. Trigger Warning: Toxic Relationship

I hope that you enjoyed this list of books and were able to find a new title to read! If you’ve read all these titles I highly recommend the use of a database called NoveList. Best practice to use this database would be to enter a book title that you enjoyed and see the suggested books listed on the right hand column. Otherwise you can feel free to check out our website for all the new titles available!