What to Read After "The Summer I Turned Pretty"

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What to Read After "The Summer I Turned Pretty"

You’ve watched the Amazon Prime Video adaptation and maybe you’ve read the books, but where do you go next after Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty? Whether it’s the seasonally-appropriate laid-back pace, the romantic tone, or the coming of age story, Summer has lots of great pieces that fans can find in other young adult novels. So grab your sunscreen and your library card to catch one of these books like Han’s popular series and bring it to the beach.

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler
After her best friend’s brother dies, Anna agrees to go on the family’s annual vacation to the beach. And what’s more, she finds herself agreeing to Frankie’s challenge that by the end of their twenty-day vacation, they will have endeavored to spark a romance with twenty new boys. But Anna’s heart is still stuck on Matt and Frankie is grieving, too, even if she can’t quite admit it. Emotionally intense and as much about friendship as it is about romance, Twenty Boy Summer melds family drama with the pains of coming of age.

Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz
Chase finds the ritual comfort of visiting the beach annually with his family disturbed by year after year of upheaval. From falling for -- and competing with his brother over -- the irresistible Melinda to dealing with his siblings including a Deaf brother, a hypersexualized younger sister, and a new baby on the way. Torn apart by the idea of his family falling apart, Chase experiences each summer drama with increasing discomfort. Combining themes of trouble at home with first loves, Invincible Summer enjoys a slow, introspective style with an unlikely main character.

Boys of Summer by Jessica Brody
Summer on “The Locks” is an ever-constant for Grayson, Mike, and Ian. This year, they’ll need it and each other more than ever after each boy was hit with a year of tragedy. From Ian’s dad paying the ultimate price during his deployment to Mike’s burden of providing for his family to Grayson’s accident that leaves his future in jeopardy, all three have a lot to contend with over the summer. And it’s only about to get worse when one of them breaks the code of never dating a friend’s sister or ex. Now, it’s unclear whether their friendship will survive the summer in this complex and emotionally intense beach read.

Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland
Best friends Cricket and Jules are about to have the best summer ever and the cherry on top will be Cricket finally catching Jay Logan’s attention and heart. Until everything gets upended and suddenly Cricket and Jules are more strangers than best friends and Cricket is spending her days working rather than enjoying the beach. But not all is lost -- romance is still on the table, if in an unexpected way. And who knows what else could come of the summer if Cricket just has the finesse to make it happen. Marked by introspective and character-driven prose, Nantucket Blue brings romance and heartbreak together for a perfect match.

This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki
Awago Beach is the safest place Rose can think of and each summer there with her mom and dad brings the promise of deeper friendship with the little-sister-like Windy. But this summer is already off to a rocky start with Rose’s parents fighting endlessly. In an attempt to escape the family drama, Rose and Windy fall into a new community drama involving the teens at the beach. In a summer full of secrets and despair, This One Summer offers the bittersweet with a thoughtful story couched in purple-hued illustrations. Also available as an ebook.

Postcards from Summer by Cynthia Platt
Lexi has a family but it’s always felt like something was missing since the death of her mother. And while she’s interested in getting to know her mom however is possible, her widowed father is less interested in sharing. So when Lexi comes upon a chest full of her mother’s keepsakes, she finds herself compelled to find out more about the woman who gave her life with a visit to Mackinac Island. Here, her mother spent long summer days and Lexi is determined to, in a way, recreate them. But there’s more to Lexi’s mother’s time on Mackinac Island than Lexi expects and along with a new friendship and blossoming romance, she’s about to learn about it. Postcards draws the reader in with its atmosphere and keeps them in the story with a bittersweet and spirited story.