Blind Date with a Book!

Northeast Library

Blind Date with a Book!

(We promise it will be WAY less awkward than a real blind date.)

Bored with all of your current book-ish prospects?

Tired of your Hinge matches never actually living up to their profiles?

Ready for some REAL romance this Valentine's day?

Add some ~spice~ to your literary life with a Blind Date with a Book!

Here's how it works:

1. You swipe right on (ie. choose) one of the eligible matches (ie. books) we have here at Northeast Library.
2. You read your book of choice and enjoy the best kind of date there is- one that won't interrupt you!
3. You tell all your besties (the romance-readers of Northeast Library and DCPL) how it went!

Fill out the "Rate Your Date" form (accessible by QR code included with your book or e-book, and in this post) and we'll share the results to see if everyone's date lived up to their expectations (or not so much...).

When you "Rate Your Date" you can also include your email for the chance to enter a raffle and win a prize!


Questions? Accessibility requests?
Contact us at
Include the subject line "BLIND DATE" and we'll get back to you ASAP.