Adult Non-Fiction (including Business, Science & Technology)

Adult Non-Fiction (including Business, Science & Technology)

As of March 4, 2017, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library closed for modernization. Customers looking for Adult Non-Fiction titles are encouraged to visit any of our neighborhood libraries.

To make it easier for customers to find what they want, adult non-fiction books and other materials have permanently moved to the second floor to rooms 207 and 220.

Room 207

Room 207 has music, music scores, recreation, literature, history, travel and biographies (call numbers 780s-900s).

Music, Performing Arts and Recreation
The music collection includes books, scores (printed music), compact discs of classical music, and LPs (vinyl). Downloadable music is also available on the library’s Web site. Book topics include music history, theory, world music traditions and musical instruments. Music scores include operas, librettos, musical theater works, choral music and hymnals, classical song books, popular songbooks, orchestral scores, chamber music with scores and parts, piano and other instrumental solos, method books for learning an instrument, fake books, scholarly sets of complete works of some composers, and miniature scores for study. The Kindler Collection is a special collection of sets of orchestral parts for registered local orchestras to borrow. Books on other arts and recreation include motion pictures (history, production and screenplays), television, radio, theater craft, classical and social dance, games, and all individual and team sports.

Literature and Language
The literature collection includes works of poetry, drama (stage plays, monologues and dramatic works other than screenplays), humor and essays. Literary history and criticism are well represented both in print sources and online, as are books on the art of writing and publishing. Also included are books on journalism, library science, book collecting and grammar. Dictionaries in English and other languages are available.

Room 220

Room 220 has philosophy, religion, business, sociology, language, science, technology, art, current periodicals and foreign language materials (call numbers 000s-770s).

Visual Arts
The art collection includes materials on all types of visual arts history, theory, criticism, and techniques—including fine arts in a variety of media, decorative arts, architecture and design, photography, fashion, graphic arts, collectibles, crafts, calligraphy and cartooning. In addition to books, the collection includes vertical files about individual artists (especially local artists) and art topics, museum catalogs, encyclopedias and other art reference sources, auction records, art journals, and online indexes to articles and images.

Foreign Languages
The foreign language collection includes all fiction and nonfiction books held by the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in languages other than English, books for learning select languages and dictionaries/grammars for foreign languages. Downloadable language learning is also available.
The Business, Science and Technology Division (Room 107) no longer has books.  That room will be converted into a Digital Commons, which will house 70 public access computers and other technology. 

The religion collection includes a wide breadth of subject matter, both popular and scholarly. The collection is particularly strong in biblical studies, historical theology, Christian church history, major world religions (Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism), and spirituality.