Tween Club Report

Northeast Library

Tween Club Report

On Saturday, May 1, 2010, the Tween Club read newspaper and magazine articles. Participants learned how to distinguish between a statement that is fact versus a statement that is an opinion. We also created press books to store our treasured newspaper and magazine articles. For Saturday, June 5, the Tween Club will be reading Mr. Chickee’s Funny Money, by Christopher Paul Curtis.

This delightful book introduces you to the subject of singer James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul.”  The reader is taken on a detective case, with a young boy name Steve who investigates a gift he received of a quadrillion-dollar bill with a picture of singer James Brown on it. This bill was given to him by Mr. Othello Chickee, Steven’s blind, elderly neighbor, who goes on an extended trip out of town.

The Flint’s Future Detectives—Steven, his buddy Russell, and Zoopy, a huge bear-like dog—are determined to find out if the bill is real. Getting no cooperation from his dad, Steve turns to his mother for help. She suggests that Steve and his dad, who said the bill was fake, get a second opinion from the Treasury Department. And that is when the trouble begins.

Come join us the first Saturday in June, and we can discuss the ending of this funny book!

--by Carroll Johnson