Poetry Contest Winners

Palisades Library

Poetry Contest Winners

The winners of the Palisades Library Poetry Contest have been announced. We had several stellar poems submitted this year. In fact, there were so many wonderful poems that we added a new category to the contest, the 6-7 age group category. So without further ado, we are posting the winner poems for your reading pleasure.

1st Place in the 6-7 Age Group

The Ordinary Cup
by Virginia

When I see a cup full of sparkling water
I think of it being an ocean. The little sparkles are cute
little fish and tiny sea monkeys. The cup is the sand on
the beach.

1st Place in the 8-9 Age Group

The Internet
by Jacob

It seems like
there are
thousands of people
going around the internet
talking to each other
without talking
so that's why
I just stick
chit chat

1st Place in the 10-12 Age Group

by Jessie

They sit on the table
Together at last
My chocolate chip cookie
And my small milk glass.
They go together
Like two peas in a pod
Dip one in the other
And oh my god!
The taste is amazing
The smell is hair raising
I love my chocolate chip cookie
And I love my milk too.
One without the other
it's like me without you.

2nd Place in the 6-7 Age Group

Cream Cheese
by Percy

Cream cheese, creamy and
Melts on a bagel very...

2nd Place in the 8-9 Age Group

by Magnus

Paper is the flesh of a tree.
It is as thick as the skin of a bee
And can be torn easily.

2nd Place in the 10-12 Age Group

by Sophie

Lonely and distant
On another planet
Living in my own world
Thoughts swarming
The world's crumbling around me
Black clouds filling the air
The dark is creeping closer
Filling up my sight with black
The air is growing cold
clocks ticking past midnight
Everything seeming dim
A flash of light

Honorable Mention in the 6-7 Age Group

by Madeleine

I ran across the beach
my hair blew in the breeze
I felt as free as a bird
The ocean flowed while the fish swam

Honorable Mention in the 8-9 Age Group

Shape Poem (In the shape of a Circle)
by Ryan

I'm driving in a circle and I saw
a blue and green and red sign and this
is what it said.... (return to the beginning).

Honorable Mention in the 10-12 Age Group

by Joseph

Ultra Sonic Jets

crashing, roaring, fighting,
missiles, bombs/ paper, folds,
gliding, diving, watching,
quiet, falling

Paper Airplane