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"Two Parties, One Tux and A Very Short Film About The Grapes of Wrath"

If you’re in high school, you’re probably thinking about the prom since it’s May. Whether you’re planning to go and have a good time or not go and make fun of everyone who goes to it, it’s a big event. Just ask Mitchell Wells, in Two Parties, One Tux and A Very Short Film About The Grapes of Wrath.

Mitchell is kind of a geek, but he doesn’t mind his place in the school’s social hierarchy. His best friend David has just told him he’s gay, but asks him not to tell anyone else. Because David’s not “out” to anyone else, he and Mitchell get roped into taking the best friends of Mitchell’s freshman sister to their prom. At the same time, when Mitchell helps the most popular girl out, she suddenly wants to date him, elevating his social status and ensuring that he has a hot date to the prom – at the same time that he causes a rift with everyone else in his life. Add in his possible expulsion/suspension for turning in an offensive Claymation film instead of an essay for his reading of The Grapes of Wrath, and Mitchell Wells is going to have a very interesting year.

This was an okay book, but don’t read it if you’re just interested in Mitchell’s Claymation film. The trouble that he experiences from that is very minor, and never turns into anything serious (although it does cause some hilarious scenes). Far more engrossing are the relationships Mitchell has with his friend David, his sister Carrie and her friend M.C. The relationship he has with David, especially as he deals with David now that he knows David is gay, is the biggest part of the story. As usual in realistic teen novels, sarcasm and witty teen dialogue are very evident, and will be sure to leave you laughing.

Two Parties, One Tux and A Very Short Film About The Grapes of Wrath is best suited for older teen readers. Check it out at Northeast Neighborhood Library or other branches of the DC Public Library system today.

--by Brandon Digwood