Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

Bellevue (William O. Lockridge) Library

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!

book cover of bear with watering potBuddy Bear is a young cub who lives with his mother. One day Buddy receives a package in the mail from his grandfather. The package contains five colorful bags; one of the bags has seeds for him to plant. Buddy finds a surprise in each bag, and with each surprise he discovers something wonderful about seeds. He learns about different kinds of seeds and their uses. He also begins a seed collection and adds to it each time he eats a healthy snack containing seeds.

Buddy is able grow a plant with his seeds. He learns all about how seeds grow to become fruits and vegetables. The colorful pictures of real seeds in this book will help young readers identify different seed with clarity. This book has several fun and creative activities for children. Children will enjoy planting and watching things grow.

Recommended for preschoolers up to grade 2.

--by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace