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"The Bog Baby" by Jeanne Wills and Gwen Millward

The Bog Baby, by Jeanne Wills and Gwen Millward

This is a story about two sisters, who were suppose to visit their friend Annie to play—but didn’t. Instead, they went on a fishing trip, looking for newts. On their way to “a pond on Bluebell wood,” the girls discovered a magical creature called a “bog baby.”  “He was swinging through the flower stalks and jumped into the water. “He was the size of a frog.”  They lovingly put the blue “boggly eyed and spike tailed creature” into a jam jar and took it home to their shed. With joy, they took care of the bog baby. They played with it, fed it, and even took the magical creature to school to share it with their friends.  Soon after, however, the bog baby stopped eating and playing. The girls are worried.  Fortunately, their mother discovered the girls in the shed. She did not scold them, but became misty-eyed, because she had not seen a bog baby since her childhood. Together, she and the girls took the bog baby back to the pond. Then a wonderful cycle began!

This beautifully illustrated story reminds me of my childhood—when my sister and I would go searching for leprechauns, fairies, and fire flies. It will remind many parents of their childhood, too. The story will also teach children the importance of seeking permission from their parents before taking living creatures from their natural habitat. In addition, the story will instruct them in the importance of returning living creatures to their habitat, after observation.